The Spanish island of Ibiza is well known for having absolutely stunning beaches, however unfortunately it also known for having beaches packed with fellow sun lovers – but there is a way around this.

Today we are going to share with you the top hidden beaches you need to find during your next visit to Ibiza to getaway from the crowds. So go grab a travel buddy, hire a car in Ibiza and start looking for these hidden gems during your next trip.

Cala d’ Albarca

If soft white sand and imposing sea-facing cliffs is what you are after, than Cala d’Abarca is the hidden beach for you. This spot is one of the most untouched coves on the island and can be enjoyed in complete solidarity. It’s found only a few short kilometres from San Mateu and is a beautiful spot situated north of the island.

There’s a dirt track road for access, however we recommend leaving your car at the top of the cliffs and walking down where you will find flat rocks for sunbathing and ledges to lower yourself into the water.


Cala Salada

For those brave enough to try cliff jumping than this is the beach for you. This secluded beach is also perfect for snorkelling and there are fantastic hikes around the area. We recommend bringing some water and heading up to Ses Fontanelles to check out the famous Bronze Age cave drawings.


Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida is the longest and widest beach of fine white sand on the island’s west coast. This sheltered bay has clean and clear water with an incredible mix of turquoise, blue and emerald green colours. If you are wanting to spend some additional time in the area there are boutique hotels of Ibiza found along the shore.

This will also give you some more time to see the small hidden coves north of the beach with plenty of large rocks you can swim out to and explore.


Cala Llentrisca

3km from Es Cubellas you will find the tiny, rocky cove Cala Llentrisca. It has one of the most tranquil beaches in the area, with crystal clear waters perfect for swimming and snorkelling. There is an old wooden jetty in the middle of the bay, making it a unique place for the perfect Instagram shot.


Ses Balandres

This hidden beach is for those looking for a little adventure. The only way to access this beach is via an old ladder, then scaling 20 meters of rock face with an old rope. Do you think you could get there?

We suggest going over to the small stretch of sand on the bay’s far side so you can get a stunning view of the rock arch in the middle of the bay.


Pedrera de Cala d’Hort

Centuries ago the rock from this site was quarried and used to build the watch towers, homes and walls of the citadel of Ibiza. The trail down is steep in places and covered in loose rock and shrubbery. Once down you will be greeted to a labyrinth of caves, rocks, holes and sea pools – this place is truly magical and a sight to behold! Its naturally occurring pools of crystalline waters will make you want to hang out at this beach all summer long.



S’Estanyol is probably one the closest “peaceful beaches” to the city of Ibiza, only 4km out of town. This tiny cove is surrounded by rocky cliffs and lush foliage. The water’s edge is made of hard pebbles, so make sure you use the long plank leading into the water to avoid hurting your feet. It’s all worth it though because once you are in the water is crystal clear and is always the perfect temperature.


Cap d’es Jueu

Time for our number 1 pick!

Another challenging beach to get to – but sometimes it needs to be done to have a beach all to yourself. To get to Cap d’es Jueu you will need to swim for 1.5km (so make sure you go on a calm day). Once you swim out there you will be rewarded with a sun-washed basin in the rocks with access to a nearby grotto. The grotto is water filled, and a shaft of sunlight reaching through the rocky ceiling.


Which beach would you choose to spend the day at in Ibiza?

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