We never would of thought that our first scuba diving experience would be in the famous Great Barrier Reef, and we are so glad it was.

Reef Experience Day Tour

Our original plan was not to scuba dive here, simply because we thought you had to go through professional scuba school to ever go diving. We booked the Reef Experience day tour being more than content with just snorkelling around one of Australia’s best natural wonders.

When we boarded the boat we were greeted to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking on the deck barbecues. The engines started and once the boat pulled away from the jetty we were all summoned to the bottom floor for an introduction. It was at this moment that we found out todays tour included a ‘no experience necessary’ scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef!

Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef

We received an on board presentation about how to use the equipment, under water hand signals and a speech from a onboard marine biologist explaining what fauna and marine life we would encounter. We were then placed into a group of five, given our gear and before we knew it we were at the bottom of the sea seeing Nemo in his natural habitat.

It was a surreal moment sitting at the bottom of the ocean without a need to go back up for air. Our bodies were so tuned to force ourselves to the surface, that when the moment of needing air didn’t come we knew this experience would be different to any snorkelling we had previously done.

Our tour guide was excellent, she used hand signals as a way to explain what we could touch, fish worth swimming over to and when we should rise and sink. The underwater world we experienced was beautiful as we witnessed marine life we had only seen in pictures and online. As soon as we arrived back on the boat we knew that we wanted to book the optional second certified dive. This included a longer and deeper dive into the barrier reef.

Great Barrier Reef Gif

Second Scuba Dive

They say a way to get someone addicted is by offering their first hit for free, and we had fallen. Without the need for a second tutorial and the inclusion of a longer dive meant we got to truly experience the Great Barrier Reef on our second dive. We went to a second location to ensure we saw new fish, giant clams and even some reef sharks. If you are slightly interested in scuba diving we recommend you book it after your dive as spots fill up.

One thing we learnt from this experience is that it will be hard to go back to just snorkelling when you can dive deeper and for longer with scuba gear.

Price: $185 per person for the reef experience outer reef day tour with the second certified dive for $55 so total of $240 for the day.

We booked from Cairns on a Budget but the tour company is Reef Experience.

Have you been scuba diving? Where was your first dive? Leave a comment below, Tweet us or leave a post on Facebook.

Stephen and Jess signoff

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