So lets be real for a quick moment, when we are traveling abroad we are always on the hunt for WiFi and we want it free. It’s kinda like the iPhone equation – you spend a good thousand dollars on the phone but refuse to pay 99 cents for an App – c’mon we are all guilty of this, amiright?

The biggest question is where do you find free WiFi whilst traveling?

Last year we traveled full time for the entire year whilst running a travel blog and a daily vlogging channel on YouTube. It was quite funny the amount of times that this question was pulled on us, “how did you manage to find WiFi to stay connected?”. Besides begging or buying overpriced latte’s at Starbucks we did pick up a few tricks to share with you.

Free Wifi Passwords at Airports

No one likes long layovers at airports and worst of all no one likes long layovers with no free WiFi or WiFi that is restricted to premium lounges. Well luckily for all of us, fellow travel blogger Anil Polat put together a map of wireless passwords from airports around the world.

So no more having to pay to get into that expensive lounge room just for the free WiFi.

Obvious Ones: Go To A Big Retail/Food Chain

I thought I would put this here, well because some people just don’t know. Head into just about any MacDonald’s or Starbucks and you are bound to either find free WiFi or WiFi hidden behind a pumpkin spice latte. Another great place is an Apple Store, however if you are in a country where they have an Apple Store you probably will come across five Maccas and ten Starbucks before you get to the one Apple Store.

Free WiFi at Restaurants

Urbanspoon was one of the first apps we used when the iPhone was released and even with the unnecessary name change to Zomato we still love it. There are a bunch of search tools you can use to find free wifi in restaurants or another quick travel hack, check the comments to see if anyone has left the password details – saves you an overpriced coffee.


Public Library

Yep, those buildings still exist and besides generally being based in beautiful historical buildings you can either find free WiFi or at the very least, free internet on their computers.

Download an App

There are a bunch of apps that you can check out which will tell you WiFi locations, potential passwords and even speed strength of the connection. I would start with  Instabridge or Map WiFi & Wi-Fi Finder which can easily be downloaded to your phone and set up.

Fast WiFi At Hotel

So you have booked a hotel and checked in only to find out the internet is super expensive and beyond terrible. I have personally used the Hotel WiFi Test tool to some mixed degree but at its best it will give me a rough idea on speed. Uploading daily videos means that slow internet is just as bad as no internet so knowing before booking has been a lifesaver.

When I find an app I like to use I try to do my part it by doing a quick speed test and uploading the results to the App. However, it can be near impossible to add your own WiFi speed if you’re at a hotel that isn’t recognised on the website. App developers? If you are reading this – fix your app!

Free WiFi at Hotels

Some hotels hide their WiFi behind loyalty programs – i.e. Hilton Honours. So if it takes you a few minutes before booking to sign up then why not? Saves you money on paying for the expensive internet. When will free WiFi in hotel rooms be standard? It’s 2016 people!

Another way is to entirely skip hotels and use AirBnB – they have an easy to use system which can only show you results that have wireless internet. I am also sure that the owners would be nice enough to do a quick speed test for you if you are really concerned.

Hope you guys enjoyed our tips, if you have any free WiFi advice, we would love to know from you in the comment section below.

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