Why Visit Thailand?

From the wonder of ancient glistening temples, to the tranquillity of hidden tropical beaches; Thailand’s rich cultural history and beautiful diverse landscapes, make it one of southeast Asia’s most captivating destinations. First stop for many visitors is the country’s capital, Bangkok. Here, people are welcomed to the ‘land of smiles’, with a friendly, happy and warm approach. Reflecting this warm, relaxing demeanour is the world-renowned cuisine of Thailand. Truly one of the great pleasures of visiting Thailand, the food is both affordable and delectable; typically costing between 30-100THB for street food, or 100-200THB for a meal in a Thai restaurant. Among the many attractions and sights of Bangkok is the Grand Palace, a must see for anyone visiting Thailand.

Heading out from the city, you should look to visit one of the ancient cities, Sukhothai, Lopburi, or Ayutthaya. Abounded in ancient history, this is a great way to see and learn about Thailand’s rural life. Ruined temples, historic Buddhist monuments and exquisite maintained complexes, are among the sights to behold in these enchanting cities.

For those looking to party, the world famous, monthly full moon party won’t disappoint. Ko Phangan attracts crowds of up to 30,000 revelers, all looking for the best party in Thailand. The beach is lined with bars blasting music and people all selling alcohol. However, for those wishing to avoid the crowds, most island destinations have their own full moon celebrations, offering a more sedate and relaxed party.

After the party, is a perfect opportunity to head inland to the low jungle areas, to visit the astounding 738-sq-km Khao Sok Naional Park. The best time to visit is the December to April dry season, when you can spot some the amazing indigenous wildlife.

Where To Book Flights

Tourists typically fly in to Bangkok. For those looking for an easy, less stressful option, travel agents can be a good choice. However, their added fees make them a bit more expensive. Travel comparison websites such as SkyscannerKayak are probably the easiest way to find cheap flights. Bangkok has two main airports Don Mueang international airport and Suvarnabhumi airport. Suvarnabhumi airport tends to be the cheaper of the two.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must for anyone wishing to visit Thailand. It covers you in unfortunate cases where you might need medical attention. This could be very expensive if you’re not insured. You can easily get backpackers insurance and should cost you less than $30 a month.

Where To Book Accommodation

Again, travel agents tend to charge over the top rates for accommodation in Thailand. If you’re only going for a short break they may be an OK option. However, those wishing to spend more time backpacking in Thailand can find cheap dorms for 100-200THB, or for a double room with air con 300-500THB. These can be found easily when you get there. Or look online before you go. It’s a good idea however, to book a hotel for your first night, as you may be tired after a long flight.

If you are looking for more of a local feel when it comes to your accommodation we highly recommend AirBnB. We are currently stay at a beautiful condo, with full kitchen, bathroom living for less than $40 a night! Not signed up to AirBnB yet? Get $30 off your first night by signing up right here.

Don’t Forget Your Jabs

Before visiting Thailand, it is imperative to get up to date vaccination jabs from your doctor. You should be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, tetanus and typhoid. This is even more important if you plan on trekking in the jungle areas. Your doctor should be able to advise you on the best course of vaccination.

Quick Tips Before Your Trip

  • Tuk Tuks are awesome! Just make sure you try haggle down for the best price.

  • Yes, the people really are that nice!

  • Cover up your elbows and knees when visiting temples.

  • Don’t be afraid of public transport. The BTS (Subway) and MRT (Light Rial) are cheap, convenient, clean, air conditioned and fast – what more do you need!

  • Carry your own tissues and hand sanitiser for those moments you run into a squatty potty.

  • Get massages daily – how can you say no to a $3 hour long foot massage!

  • Don’t drink the water! Make sure you carry around bottled water with you where ever you go.

Have you been to Thailand. Would love to read your trips & tricks in the comment section below!