front of the establishment hotel in Sydney

There are many reasons for a hotel to grab your attention the moment you lay eyes on it, and those that take residence in refurbished historic building always grab mine.

Sydney is Australia’s oldest city and The Rocks is well known for its historic buildings. So when we checked into The Establishment Hotel (a hotel not located in the historic district, but instead located in the CBD) I was pleasantly surprised to see a grand entrance to a beautiful old building.

The Establishment Hotel


Speaking of location. Tucked away on the corner of one of Sydney’s busiest streets (Bridge and George St) is a quiet laneway filled with cafes and restaurants. If it wasn’t for our nights stay here we would’ve easily never seen this secluded gem of the city.

Around the corner you will find the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, a stones throw is just about every shop and cafe you will need and about 5 minutes in the car will get you to Darling harbour.

Location is key for those looking for a short itinerary in Sydney and location shines for the Establishment Hotel.

Check In

We were blown away by the friendly nature of the staff who happily checked us in. As per usual we were hours early to our check in but upon sharing our plans to visit Bondi for the day we were bombarded with cafes and donut stores to check out when we arrived. Both recommendations we took and both recommendations were fantastic.

Upon being shown to our room were given a tour on how to use the in-house iPad, Apple TV for streaming and even the Netflix password. If you want to focus on one aspect they shine on here, it’s the up to date modern technologies in place.

The Establishment Hotel

The Room

Our deluxe room was very spacious due to the open plan studio-style apartment feel that was present. The bathroom was divided by a very generous bath and slider wall that can be either closed off or opened up depending on who you are travelling with.

Our raised bed overlooked a housed sofa, large desk as well as all the amenities you come to expect with a luxury boutique hotel.

I was honestly surprised on how bright and well lit the room was, as the building was backed up against tall highrises on either side. Large windows on both walls were combined with a modern lighting system that can be controlled and changed based on your mood. Want to read? A quick button will lower all the lights minus the one on your side of the bed.




Breakfast at the Establishment Garden

If I was blown away by the entrance, the true diamond of the Establishment is the oasis that holds the Establishment Garden. Glass walls fill in the gaps of the incomplete historic walls to complete this atrium. This view combined with the modern design of the decor is worth heading to just to marvel at in person.

Unfortunately the view is where we leave our praise for the Garden. Breakfast fell short with an expensive meal consisting of crispy toast and a few toppings of avocado, tomato and feta left you hungry for more. We recommend paying the extra $1.50 more for the buffet instead of ordering a meal from the menu.

It’s still worth checking out the Gardens, even if you just grab a morning coffee.

The Establishment Hotel

The Establishment Hotel


Our Experience

This was our second day in Sydney, so if you want to see us checking into the Establishment Hotel as well as the on-point recommendations by the staff on what to do in Bondi, check out our daily vlog below.

Book a nights stay at the Establishment Hotel Sydney for AUD$275 per night.

Stephen and Jess signoff

Flying The Nest was welcomed as a guest of Establishment Hotel Sydney however as always, our opinions are our own.