Eating healthy and travelling? Those are two words no one ever wants to hear. You have spent months saving up for this trip and on top of that you have been eating healthy to ensure you are in your prime for those beach photos on the Gold Coast… but deep down you know that you probably should keep up the healthy diet, just how do you do it whilst travelling?

Book accommodation with a kitchen

Not only will you save a fortune on eating in rather than the expense that comes with restaurants and cafes but you have the option to prepare and cook healthy meals. This is not only our number 1 tip to eating healthy on the road but also one of our top money saving tips to implement whilst travelling. Either book an Airbnb or ensure you have a hotel room or hostel with a kitchen or kitchenette.

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Use the HSR rating system

In Australia there is a national Health Star Rating system which makes it so easy and simple to identify the nutritional value of packaged foods. If you are already a bit upset on skipping the room service you are more than likely looking for a quick and easy meal.

So finding a healthy meal needs to be both quick and easy right? Well nothing is as simple as checking out a 1/2 to 5 star rating label on the front of packaged foods. We have personally used this system when travelling and also when trying to find meat-free alternatives for our vegetarian diet.

Look out for the HSR system next time you are in your local shopping centre!

Plan ahead

As fun as heading out on an adventure and going off the beaten track is, you need to plan where and when you are going to eat. At the very least if you aren’t going to find a pre-planned restaurant with healthy food options make sure you take slices of cut up veggies (carrots or fruit) as a snack to prevent that hunger leaning you towards the first place you see which is almost always a fast food joint.

Eat every few hours

We have all had that feeling when you get back to your hotel room and you feel like you could eat an entire buffet which ultimately leads to you over indulging at dinner. A simple packet of nuts or a banana goes a long way when you are on your feet exploring all day.

Skip the Alcohol

We know there can be this urge to celebrate and get drunk in this brand new place, but skipping excessive alcohol consumption will benefit your health and how you feel during the following days of exploration. Just remember: drinking a lot of alcohol is stealing happiness from tomorrow!

If you are going to drink excessively – drink plenty of water

You should already be doing this if you are out and about exploring the world. Drink water people!

Let us know your healthy eating tips below 🙂

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