One of the highlights from our recent trip to Dubai involved heading out of the city and into the desert for a safari. Our goal was to see the other side of Dubai, the desert, the camels and also to experience a traditional Arabic dinner.

Dune Bashing

The first stop on our tour was a very generous 45 minute dune bugging session. It was a little bit daunting when the tour guide put a release form in your lap and ensured that they would not cover any incidentals and we would be riding at our own risk – yet that didn’t seem to stop us. A quick explanation on how to use the 4 wheelers and we were off on our adventure. We saw some magnificent dunes as we drove up and down countless sand mountains. We even stopped at a camel farm for a quick feeding session before going back on our ride as the sun slowly descended.



Camel Riding

The camel riding was good fun and a first for everyone on our tour. Jess and my sister Chleo jumped on the first camel so I could run around taking some shots and vice versa. It was beautiful watching the sunset behind the sand dunes with the visuals of camels riding off into the distance. Travel tip – if you want to get great photographs, make sure you jump on the first camel, this way you can frame your shots without having the butt of the previous camel in the front of your photograph.

Arabic Buffet Dinner

To end the night off we were treated to a buffet dinner whilst being seated at a traditional arabic arrangement which was made up of low tables and large comfortable pillows placed on carpets. Jess and Chleo got some Henna painting done across their arm and I purchased a traditional head wrap to ensure we were all engrossed in the arabic setting placed before us.

Henna in Dubai

arabic dinner in dubai


As we ate we were treated to belly dancing (which we must note does not happen during ramadan) and a Tanura dance show. It was a great experience being nestled in a circular camp with the sounds of traditional music, the smell of shisha and shiny jewels shaking on the hips of the dancers.

Price: $85 per person and we booked from Desert Safari Dubai.

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Stephen and Jess signoff

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