We have been wanting to take our travel videos up a notch for a while now, so we finally got our hands on our very first stabilizer! After looking at what was available in the stabilizing gimbals department we decided to grab the Feiyu Tech a2000 – a 3-axis stabilized gimbal for mirrorless cameras or DSLRS up to 2kg, exactly what we were after!

We highly recommend you check out our video below which will give you our first-hand experience using the Feiyu Tech a2000 to create travel videos. Keep scrolling for our review…

What Do You Get?

When first opening our new gadget we were super impressed by the packaging and presentation. It has its own hard carry case, not plastic, but a solid case with a soft material finish. When opening the case there is another internal lid held closed by three velcro straps. Once you peel this back you there are the components of the a2000 sitting in individual grooves, ensuring they don’t move and slide within the case.

In the main compartment you will find the main gimbal body, the handle with gimbal controls, a small tripod attachment, four batteries, a USB battery charger, a quick release plate, a micro USB cable, a camera support frame and a shutter release cable.

The Functions

  • It is capable of full 360° rotation on the panning, tilting and rolling axes at a minimum rotation of 2°/s to a maximum of 150°/s.

  • It uses two lithium ion batteries, lasting 12 hours. It comes with four batteries which means you will have two spare ones each time you go to shoot.

  • It has a joystick, an indication light, a function button, and two trigger buttons – one on the front and a larger one on the back.

  • The joystick’s purpose is to control the direction the gimbal is pointing at.

  • The indication light shows the status the device is in, such as panning modelock mode, low battery etc.

  • The function button controls on/off as well as the mode.

  • If you hold either trigger button down the gimbal enters a ‘locked’ state, where all axes are locked in the position the gimbal is in when the button is pressed. If either trigger button is pressed twice in quick succession, the gimbal will reset returning to the default panning mode whist the tilting and rolling axes return to the initial level.

Here are some stills from the Feiyu Tech a2000 in action…

Is it Easy to Use?

As we had never used a gimbal before we found it quite easy to set up as first timers. The balancing process is always the hardest part, but the a2000 has made it as easy as possible as you do not need any tools. It does take a few practice runs, but once you get used to the balancing process we found it easier and faster each time.

The instruction manual that comes with the gimbal could be a bit more clear, but we found the illustrations very easy to follow.

Once you have it balanced, this is when things become super easy. You can switch back and forth between the modes by tapping a single button a few times. You have a well placed joystick to control angle and direction. We also love the Feiyu ON app which lets you control the shutter from your phone, which is awesome for time lapses.

a2000 gimbal modes/functions:

  • one tap (function button) – panning mode

  • two taps (function button) – panning and tilting mode

  • three taps (function button) – rotate horizontal 180°

  • four taps (function button) – autorotation mode

  • five taps (function button) – initialisation

  • long press (trigger button) – lock

  • two taps (trigger button) – reset

Is it Versatile?

Our favourite thing about this gimbal is its versatility. Firstly, you have a choice if you want to use the single arm or dual-handled installation, and they are both easy to move back and forth between them. Also, we love that the 3-axis gives you 360° rotation angle allowing you to capture a shot from any angle you like. However, what we love the most is the flexibility the several modes give you.

You have the options to:

  • The basic gimbal pan mode where the camera will follow you as you move from side to side but will stay level and it will keep the camera balanced.

  • The pan and tilt mode where the camera will smoothly follow your motions in both the pan and tilt directions.

  • lock mode that keeps the camera perfectly stable and locked in position.

  • selfie mode that quickly rotates the camera 180 degrees from what you are looking at back to you.

  • timelapse operating mode allowing you to capture stunning timelapse videos.

Within all of the modes, you can adjust a number of settings for additional control within the Feiyu ON app, like how quickly the camera responds to your movement etc.

Do We Recommend it?

If you are a professional videographer wanting to up your game, a gimbal will really bring your shots to the next level. There are many new gimbals on the market and we think the the Feiyu Tech a2000 is a good entry level for those wanting to start out.

This gimbal comes with everything you need, is super versatile and flexible and is lightweight and easy to travel with. It is a little on the pricier side, but if you are wanting to invest in producing higher quality videos than it is definitely worth the money.

Check out the Feiyu Tech a2000 here.

We were kindly gifted this gimbal by Feiyu Tech, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.