Merry Christmas from both of us here at Flying the Nest. To celebrate our favourite time of the year we thought we would share a post about the top places to spend Christmas day around the world. So put down those second helpings, grab a drink and scroll through our list before going back to your third helping of dessert.

1. Australia

Let’s kick off our list with where we have spent Christmas for the majority of our lives and that’s in good ol’ Straya. While you’re here why not join us for a traditional Aussie Christmas of a BBQ layered with all the tastiest treats including prawns, beer and pavlova. Once you’re done eating (and waited the recommended 30 minutes) jump in your togs and dive straight into the pool or ocean.

Surfing Santas

2. Vancouver, Canada

Okay we may be a bit biased here as we are planning on heading to Vancouver in just over two months time but we really want to have a white Christmas. Once you have seen the festival of lights in the city why not drive 15 minutes to Grouse mountain where you can feed reindeer, ice skate and go on sled rides.

Vancouver Snow


3. Paris, France

Paris is known for being the ‘City of Lights’ and around this time of year it known as the ‘City of Christmas Lights’. Well we may of lied about the Christmas nickname but what a wonderful and joyous way to spend Christmas than in the city of love. How beautiful does the Eiffel tower look with a blanket of snow covering it?

Snow in Paris(Source)

4. San Francisco, USA

Do you know what sounds amazing? Thousands of Santa Clauses flocking the city in celebration of Santa Con. This is the annual ‘where’s Wally Santa’ or the annual ‘explain to your kids why there are literal thousands of Santa Clauses outside and not at the North Pole’. This just looks like way to much fun to miss out on.

Santacon San Francisco


5. Tokyo, Japan

Why not spend Christmas a bit differently in a country where Christianity is not a major religion. Tokyo still goes all out this time of year with thousands of Christmas lighting up this weird but wonderful city.

Tokyo Christmas lights


6. Lapland, Finland

Who doesn’t want to see reindeers at Christmas time? Pop into Santa Clause village and you are guaranteed to walk out with a small on your face. Ever since our favourite travel blogger Brooke from World of Wanderlust headed here earlier in the year we have just been dying to go and feed these reindeers in person.

Reindeers, Lapland Finland


7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If it wasn’t for the Dutch providing the world with Sinterklaas – the bearded, gift giving version of St Nick, Christmas wouldn’t be as we know it today. So come and say thank you for Santa Clause by visiting Amsterdam and make a wish that the canals freeze over so you can ice skate around the city.

Sinterklaas Netherlands


8. London, England

Hans Christian Anderson was inspired by London when writing the classic tale ‘A Christmas Carol’. Stroll around the city and why not see the London Eye light up whilst you stroll around the snow filled streets and listen to carollers.

Christmas in London, England


9. On A Cruise

Take a load off from slaving away at the kitchen this holiday season and instead pick up the cocktails and order dinner from your 24/7 room service on a cruise. If you can muster up the energy, get up and walk to the dining hall where you will be served an extravagant Christmas dinner. This is how we are currently spending Christmas this year.


10. Bethlehem, Palestine

Why not spend Christmas where it all began in Bethlehem, Palestine at the birthplace of Jesus. Here you can take place in carols by candelite and attend the mass service at the Church of Nativity. If you are planning on coming here make sure you book ahead as thousands make the pilgrimage out here every year.

Christmas in Bethlehem, Israel(Source)

Where are you spending Christmas today?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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