During our stay at the Cheetah Ridge Lodge in Nambiti Game Reserve we had the opportunity to experience not only the best breakfast spot to date, but also an unforgettable glamping experience that included following the anti-poaching unit to track down the endangered black rhino! It was an African experience we will be sharing stories about for years to come.

Cheetah Ridge Lodge

The Luxury Tents

As we were being shown to our luxurious houses where we would be spending the night, our escort informed us that these are the most eco-friendly units on the whole reserve. When we walked through our doors the first thing we noticed was the giant windows looking over a watering hole less than 100 metres away.

Each unit comes with a bath worthy of purchasing for your own home, a king sized bed, a Nespresso machine (that did not go unused) and a wooden feel that really adds to the experience of living in the african wilderness.



Safari with a Twist: The Anti-Poaching Units

Coming to the end of our 2 months in South Africa we have been lucky enough to go on quite a few game drives during our time here. The team at Cheetah Ridge decided that instead of your standard drive they would instead do something a bit different, a unique experience we won’t soon forget.

There was an overwhelming unanimous decision in the morning when our guides asked if instead of the planned drive would we like to rather team up with the anti-poaching unit to go out and track a highly endangered black rhino… an animal no one had seen.

The team works 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure that these rhinos are not poached and since their initiation into the Nambiti Game Reserve a few years ago they have had 100% success in stopping poaching in the reserve. It was hard to contain our excitement (and worry) as the guides got off their bikes and started tracking the rhino on foot – these animals can easily turn and do some serious damaged.

Cheetah Ridge Lodge

Cheetah Ridge Lodge

That Breakfast

Upon returning from our incredible black rhino tracking experience, instead of being delivered back to the lodge we were taken out on top of a hill where breakfast was cooking on the back of trucks as fresh coffee and juice were being handed out as we walked up to the most beautiful outdoor setting we have ever seen.

It was hard to not over eat as we indulged and looked out onto open plains where giraffe and elephant roamed. Travelling with a group of people with dietary requirements ranging up to vegan was no hassle to the chefs using their makeshift kitchen amongst the flora.

This was by far the best breakfast experience we have ever had!

Cheetah Ridge Lodge

Cheetah Ridge Lodge

Final Thoughts

In the end you can have the best looking suites situated right in front of every possible animal, but if the customer service falls flat it can honestly leave a sour taste in your mouth. This is where Cheetah Ridge exceeds by offering the best of both worlds – some of the best service we have ever received backed up by their very luxurious suites.

If you want to view our experience click play on our YouTuber African Road Trip playlist here.

You can book a Luxury Suite for AUD$234 per night twin share. 

Stephen and Jess signoff

Flying The Nest was welcomed as a guest of Cheetah Ridge Lodge and Nambiti Private Game Reserve, however as always all opinions are our own.