Incredible Drone photograph of Camels and camel riding in Australia

Our first time experiencing a camel ride was during a desert safari in Dubai which to be honest was a very short tacked on adventure that lasted less than 5 minutes, we could say that we rode camels but did we really? So when we had the opportunity to go on an hour long camel riding in the center of Australia, we quickly jumped at the opportunity.

Being Australian we were quite shocked to hear of camels in Alice Springs, we also had no idea that Australia has the biggest population of feral camels in the world! Just one the bonuses of travel, you learn so much from exploring your own backyard.


Camel Riding in Alice Springs

The track starts after saddling up at the Pyndan Camel Tracks, now if you have never been on a camel before – you go way higher up than on horseback. Being the first of our troupe to jump on we didn’t realise this until we were jolted up into the air, certainly a bit of shock and adventure to start off with, the good type of surprise.

We have seen Hollywood by horseback, Jurassic Park by horseback as well as the Caribbean by horseback and I must say that camel riding is by far more comfortable than a horse. If you have rode a horse, you can ride a camel. Also if it wasn’t for our instructors cute dog Archie joining us, we would’ve lost perspective of height almost instantly.



Exploring the West MacDonnell Ranges

We opted in for the afternoon ride which meant the sun was getting ready to set as the dirt below us was was gleaming with oranges and reds. As you slowly (yes this is a slow ride, no galloping camels) exit the camel yard the West MacDonnell Ranges start to rise above in the distance.

If there is one thing you will take away from this post is that the views you will see is so breathtaking that I wouldn’t suggest any other way to see them. Slowly walking your way through this area of Alice Springs is a perfect way to slow down and take it all in.



Our ride took us across a picturesque valley which contained so much beauty that the Red Centre is known for. We went up rocky hills, claypans and red sand flats that travellers fly across the world to see.  There was so much peace and tranquility out here with the sounds of kangaroos hopping (we even saw a baby joey), cows grazing and birds singing as they brought in Spring for us.

About halfway on our trek and just on the cusp of the ranges we stopped for photos which meant I used this opportunity  to jump off my camel and whip my drone out. Five minutes of airtime and the camels were nowhere to be seen, maybe they go faster than I first anticipated? I don’t feel too bad about missing out on half the trip as I got to get some of the best aerial photography I have ever captured, you need to watch the video to truly appreciate it.



Where to Book

Well you just have the one choice here as Pyndan Camel Tracks is the only camel riding tour operator in Alice Springs. However, we absolutely loved our time with them.

You can book a noon, 2:30pm or sunset camel ride for $70 per person for around an hours ride. Certainly one of the more reasonably priced adventures in Alice Springs.

If you would like to see our time on the camels, check out our daily vlog below and just wait for the epic drone shots, if that doesn’t convince you to do it, nothing will.

Have you ever ridden a camel? Would love to read about your experience in the comment section below 🙂

Stephen and Jess signoff

Thanks to Tourism Northern Territory for kindly inviting Flying the Nest to experience Camel Riding in the White Gums Valley, among the West MacDonnell Ranges. As always, all opinions are our own.