The Blue Train is like no other ordinary train journey. It is the most luxurious way to travel through South Africa, a once in a lifetime kind of thing, and we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience it. We spent 28 hours on a cross-country journey from Pretoria to Cape Town and we were completely blown away.

From the moment we checked in we were in awe as we were shown onto the train by ushers in suits, told we could call at any time with any needs we may have and also to enjoy being surrounded by extreme opulence – this was going to be one unforgettable journey.

The Cabin

As the stationmaster whistled for the train to leave the station we were taken to our private quarters, a suite with all the modern comforts, wooden walls with gold finishings, a marbled en-suite bathroom and all! Before we could take it all in our butler came in with our first drinks of many as we began to relax into our cozy seats, looking out at the changing landscapes from the large panoramic window.

Forget about what you know about trains, this was a luxury hotel suite on wheels.

After our elegant evening meal we retreated to our suite to see that the butler had converted what had been a comfortable lounge during the day into a cozy bedroom. Imagine being in a comfortable bed as you are slowly rocked to sleep.


The Food

Ahhh the food. If you put the suite aside then this is arguably the number one attraction! With a fine dining, silver service, all-inclusive experience you can see why. Lunch and dinner were a 3 course affair with champagne constantly flowing. We found the service even better as the waiters were quick to bring our menus, take drink orders, return for top ups, all the while offering to cater to our every need (which involved double scoops of ice cream for desert – thanks Ernie!)

If you manage to want more, on top of in suite room service there was also high-tea, with a selection of enticing cakes and pastries, plus a delicious breakfast served before arriving in Cape Town.


The Excursion

After passing thousands and thousands of flamingos (seriously, never take your eyes away from the windows, there is so much to see) we were informed that the day excursion off the train in the Kimberly will proceed. It isn’t always guaranteed due to weather and time permitting, however most of the time the excursion does take place – and it’s not one to be missed!

The excursion takes you out on a coach to Kimberly’s Big Hole to view and learn the history of the diamond rush in South Africa and De Beers Diamond Company – one of the worlds biggest diamond traders. The highlight of course being the big hole itself, an entirely man-made structure and the largest hand-dug excavation in the world! Remember to bring your camera to take a shot of the beautiful turquoise waters below.


The Blue Train Experience

From the warm welcome at the station, to the gourmet dining and luxurious private cabins, it’s as if you have been transported back to the golden age of rail travel. We have never experienced such a lavish way to travel and for those wanting that once in a lifetime journey this is it!

We filmed our entire Blue Train experience which we feel is the best way to truely show you what the it was like abroad one of the worlds most luxurious trains.

Book a luxurious over night journey on the Blue Train for AUD$1385 per person per night twin share. 

Stephen and Jess signoff

A big thank you to Blue Train for allowing Flying The Nest to have this luxurious experience. As always, all opinions are our own.