Visiting Berlin and only have a short time to see and do as much as possible? Last week we visited the city for only 48 hours – here is everything we got up to during our quick trip to Berlin!

Helicopter Ride over the City

As this was our second time visiting Berlin we wanted to find something a little more unique to do – and when we found out you could go on a helicopter ride over the city we were sold. We flew with Air Service Berlin, who gave us champagne on arrival and picked us up in a limo to take us to our helicopter!

Our flight went for 20 minutes as we left the airport and flew over the city. Flying over monuments such as the Brandenburg Gate, TV Tower and the Reichstag Building was such an incredible experience. We highly recommend doing this if you are wanting to see the city from a different view.

Museum Island

This UNESCO World Heritage site is an island made up of five world-renowned museums, the Altes Museum, Pergamon Museum, Neues Museum, Bode Museum and Alte Nationalgalerie. Each were built at different times, from 1824 to 1930.

As we only had a short stay in Berlin we only had time to visit one museum. We decided on Neues (New) Museum, as we were interested in seeing the Egyptian artefacts that it holds, plus one of the city’s most famous artefacts – the bust of Nefertiti.

Berlin Wall

The Wall was mostly demolished back in 1990, however there are still sections of the Wall that can still be visited. Checkpoint Charlie, the famous east-west border control during the Cold War can still be visited, and also has a museum giving you the history behind the Wall. We also recommend you head to the East Side Gallery, dedicated to art and still has paintings made on the eastern side when the Wall was brought down.

Holocaust Memorial

Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial, located in Mitte on a stretch of the former “death strip”, where the Wall once stood near the Brandenburg Gate, is an incredible monument dedicated to the Jewish victims of the Nazi genocide of World War II.

It is one of Germany’s most impressive and moving monuments to the Holocaust. You can enter and walk through the unevenly sloping field from all four sides and wander through the strong columns, all slightly different in size, evoke a disorienting feeling. There is also a free underground museum which holds the names of all known Jewish Holocaust victims.

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate may be one of Germany’s most recognisable sights. Visiting here is a must for first-timers in Berlin. This landmark is a reminder of the destruction of World War II and the Berlin Wall when it stood at the divide.

Eat all the German Food

Germany serves up some delicious food, and Berlin is known to be the city for food lovers. During our time in Berlin we tasted as many different foods as we could – including currywurst, German beer and the famous Berliner. We filmed an entire video trying different foods which you can find below 🙂

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Have you visited Berlin? What do you recommend people see & do?

Thanks to VisitBerlin for inviting Flying The Nest to visit Berlin, as always all opinions are our own.