We have an announcement. Jess Valentine (one half of Flying The Nest) has been working on some personal projects and we would love to share them with our little community here on Flying The Nest. Being able to have a platform where we can share our passion for travel and the experiences we have had together is pretty awesome. We are both becoming quite the blogging addicts.

Jess wanted a place she could share and write about more of her interests. Unfortunately, Stephen isn’t too keen about beauty, hair, or makeup, so Jess decided, why not start a personal blog? A blog where she can talk about her other interests, this is when heyitsjessvalentine.com was born … but it doesn’t stop there.

Many of you may know that almost 2 months ago we left home for the first time (or what we like to call “flying the nest”) and set off for a year of full time travel. The day we left we started a YouTube channel documenting our life and travels in the form of daily videos.  Being able to share with you all our travels through writing, photographs and now video allows us to feel even more connected with the travel enthusiasts that make up this community. Jess wanted this sense of community within her personal blog and decided to launch her own YouTube channel.

Jump on over to her new blog and YouTube channel and let us know what you think?

So, what does this mean for Flying The Nest? Don’t worry guys, we will still be bringing out daily travel inspiration, experiences and tips! Thank you for all your amazing support and we are excited to see what the future brings.

Stephen and Jess signoff