9. Grand Canyon, Arizona to Moab, Utah

Distance: 1387km (862 miles)

Starting at the iconic Grand Canyon, hit six classic national parks on a ten day epic road trip through the best canyons in the Southwest.



8. Route 66, Illinois to California

Distance: 3210km (1995 miles)

The mother of all road trips, Route 66 is probably the most well known drive on this list. This historic road find thousands enjoying this vintage highway every year and is one we are hoping to cross off our list very soon!



7. The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Distance: 8.3km (5.2 miles)

This picturesque road connects the western fjord islands between Molde and Kristiansund. The road zig-zags across numerous islands connected by causeways and bridges. If we ever find ourselves in Norway, you now know where to find us.

Picturesque Norway landscape. Atlanterhavsvegen


6. Great Ocean Road, Australia

Distance: 243km (151 miles)

This iconic Australian road crosses the southeastern coast, built between 1919 and 1932 dedicated to soldiers killed during WW1 (making it the world’s largest war memorial)! The road passes a number of ecosystems ranging from rainforests and beaches to sheer cliffs, including famous natural rock formations.



5. Karakoram Highway (China to Pakistan)

Distance: 1303km (810 miles)

Also known as the Friendship Highway, this ancient Silk Road runs from the Chinese city of Kashgar to the Pakistan city of Abottabad. Built between 1959 and 1979 by the governments of China and Pakistan, it is the highest paved international road in the world, crossing the Khunjerab Pass at an elevation of 4693m (15,397 feet)! The highway is known for its eco-adventure hotspots, passing ancient petroglyphs, rivers, glaciers and huge mountains.



4. Ring Road, Iceland

Distance: 1335km (830 miles)

Iceland has crept up into our top 10 countries we need to visit (and Game Of Thrones may of had something to do with this). Ring Road circles the entire island, from its snow-capped mountains to volcanic craters! Just google images of what you will see along the drive and you will see why it has made our list.



3. The Dalton Highway, Alaska

Distance: 666km (414 miles)

Starting at the Elliott Highway, north of Fairbanks and ending at Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean, this drive is perfect for those that want more of a remote road trip. The paved road ends only about an hour out of Fairbanks, as you travel the rest of the way on packed gravel, passing jagged peaks and mighty rivers! Just remember to watch out for wolves, bears and reindeer!



2. Milford Road, New Zealand

Distance: 120 km (74.5miles)

Are you  big Lord of the Rings fans? Same! Driving along one of the most scenic routes on the plant, Milford Road is full on cliffs, snow-capped summits, waterfalls, breathtaking valleys. Look out for The Avenue of the Disappearing Mountain, an optical illusion causes the approaching mountain to get smaller rather than bigger!



1. Amalfi Coast Road, Italy

Distance: 60km (37 miles)

From the natural beauty of the mountainous landscape and clear seas, to the bright villages straight out of a story book, this breathtaking road is number 1 on our bucket list! The beauty of the region is insane, we can not wait to see Amalfi with our own eyes.



Where in the world is your ultimate road trip?

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