Every country has something unusual about it – you just don’t know it yet.

Today, France has the spotlight. So, what’s so strange about one of the most romantic countries in the world? Well, besides from having snails and frogs on the menu, France has some of the most unique, yet bizarre museums in the world! From showcasing real human skulls to a museum dedicated to vampires, France truely has some off museums to go check out.

Here are 5 of the most unusual & bizarre museums France has to offer…

Musée Dupuytren

If you are science fan and nothing is more interesting to you than human’s body and anatomy – Musée Dupuytren is the perfect place for you. This weird museum is actually dedicated not to celebrate the beauty of a human body, but to showcase various diseases and abnormalities. So, don’t get surprised here to find a line of jars full of one-eyed heads, or illustrations of anatomical abnormalities from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Right now this museum in not only one of the places where medicine students come to learn but also an opened place for curious tourists as well. So, if you are planning a romantic stroll in Paris, you can stop by at this museum as well, for really one of a kind experience.

Musée des Vampires

Do I need to translate this title of the institution? I guess it speaks for itself – it is a whole museum dedicated to bloodsucking monsters scared of the daylight – vampires! In Les Lilas, just outside of Paris, you can make a stop at Musée des Vampires.

Here you can enjoy the small space all covered in movies posters with vampires on it, also pictures autographed by famous actors who have played Dracula, stacks of books on vampire myths and history, and tons of other objects related to the topic. So, basically, most of the stuff associated with these night monsters. But take notice, that this museum in private and you should contact the owner of it to schedule a visit.

vampire museum france


Musée de la Magie

Embrace your inner child for a little bit and definitely, visit the real museums of Magic located in Paris. Here you might not only get to know a few secrets how various magic tricks work but also gaze your eyes upon miscellaneous magical artifacts, various posters advertising magician shows from centuries ago and also attend a real magic show too!

However, if you are not such a huge fan of mystery and magic, there is another reason you might want to stop by here. The museum is housed in an old building that was once home by the Marquis de Sade – the same legendary man and writer, from whom the term sadism is coined!

The Paris Catacombs

One of the scariest museums you can find in Paris, and probably in the whole France is the Paris Catacombs. Skulls, bones, dark and mysterious passages directly under Paris will make even the bravest person get a bit chilly. Especially because this museum is not a fraud and doesn’t use any props – all bones and skulls are from real lived people!

During 18th and 19th century, the city’s cemeteries were crowding up rapidly, posing a health risk to the public who didn’t know where to put other dead bodies. So the city began transferring the dead underground, and this is how Paris Catacombs started its existence. However, if you are brave enough and not that much afraid of dark and bones lying around, in this museum you can learn a lot about Parisian history.



Musée des Égouts de Paris

And finally, the weirdest museum is also in Paris. Thank God it is not about the skulls anymore, but don’t get overexcited. Paris is so impressed with their waste disposal methods they created so much time ago, that Parisians have an entire museum dedicated to it! And yes – Musée des Égouts de Paris is that exact museum!

The sewer system truly was created in 1300, so it is really impressive how people of that age managed to come up with such an excellent idea. So, if you decide to visit this museum, you will get a chance to learn how they did it, how everything come up, and get in touch with the smelly part of Paris’ history.

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What’s something unusual or bizarre about your home country?

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