Sometimes a hotel can be a destination in itself. There are some extraordinary, bizarre and unique hotels across the globe that will make you want to travel to it’s destination solely to experience the room alone – and we have found 5 unique hotels that do just this!

1. Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, Sweden

All green thumbs take notice – there is one hotel in Sweden that will let you travel not only back time to much simpler days, but also enjoy nature as much as you stay there.

Kolorbyn Eco Lodge says a lot by its name, and you won’t be surprised to learn that it is located deep down in one of Sweden’s forests. This hotel tries to minimize the environmental impact by becoming part of nature, and so that results into beautiful cabins and huts that you are welcome to stay at! I can’t guarantee that all the modern technologies will work there, but maybe this is what you were looking for initially?

WildSweden_kolarbyn_01 2


2. Dog Bark Park Inn, USA

In the United States, you can find many unique and fantastic hotels, but Dog Bark Park Inn is surely one worth mentioning. Especially if you are a real dog person and love these animals a lot! The entire hotel is decorated with a dog theme, and that is super fun for sure!

You can even spend your night at a world’s biggest beagle-shaped cabin! And, not to forget, this inn totally welcomes travellers with pets, so your beloved dog can get a nice bed to crash there as well.



3. Hotel de Glace, Canada

A little bit into the North, in Canada, you can experience the pure ice cold nights because… you can literally sleep on a huge pile of ice! The whole Hotel de Glace is made from ice – everything from chairs you sit on to bed you sleep in is made from a glacier, and that is definitely extraordinary.

What makes this hotel even more unique is that it works only during the winter – simply because on summer it all melts. The hotel usually opens at the very beginning of January, but that depends on the overall climate. So right now it is just the right time to check if Hotel de Glace is open and pack your bags to visit it!



4. Karosta Prison, Latvia

I am not sure how much do you know about this small Baltic State, but there is one hotel that we can call unique without any doubt. Latvia is post-soviet country, meaning that for more than 60 years it was ruled by a strict Soviet government. This is the real history and Latvians don’t try to hide it. In fact, they opened a hotel in which you can experience what it is like to live under the Communist Latvia’s government. And so I present you Karosta Prison!

This not fake at all former KGB prison has been named as a pure hell on Earth, and now you are totally welcome to stay here! It won’t be a super romantic stay you can enjoy with your beloved one, but it will teach you a lot and let you experience just for a night what it was like to be in prison just 25 years ago while under the Soviet regime.



5. Magic Mountain Hotel, Huilo Huilo Reserve, Chile

And finally, if you always dreamed to live in a place that can be called as magic – this Mountain Hotel in Chile is surely the place!

Here accommodation varies from rooms in the main lodge, which has a waterfall falling from the pinnacle of the roof to remote forest lodges. So you can choose the best type of accommodation and start looking for fairies somewhere around! This hotel really creates a very fairy-like experience and the scenery here is breathtaking. So you won’t only be able to stay in a fairy’s room, but also gaze your eyes upon incredible South America’s nature around you.



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What’s the most unique hotel you have ever experienced?

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