Catalonian know their travel, and their culture is one of the most vibrant, beautiful and warm you will ever encounter. Whether you are sitting at a bar at the end of the day, or only sharing a word with another fellow, you would always find something to love in Catalonia.

And then there is Costa Brava. One of the Mediterranean marvels that you have to visit for yourself. This is one of those places that has lived and breathed recent history. So, if you are looking to feel like an adventurer, this is the place to be at. What’s more, the Costa Brava villas to rent are beautiful too.

If the promise of living beside history does not make you pack your bags. Then the sense of adventure and the idea of living within a storybook should. Here’s how to have one of those storybook holidays in Costa Brava

1. Visit Begur

This is not one of those places which show up often in Instagram feeds. However, this is one quaint little Mediterranean town which has all the capabilities to enchant you. The steep climb to the hilly cobbled streets is worth it because hidden in those little nooks are beautiful shops you could buy souvenirs from.

This, of course, comes second to the fact that tuck inside these beautiful streets are bars and restaurants you have to try for yourself. Climb and get to the castle and you would see the entire town before you and one of the marvellous sceneries that no other place in the world can offer.

Pro tip, staying for a whole day in Begur is recommended. You can visit various plazas and take in the beautiful sites all around without any trouble. And at the end of the day? Merely wrap yourself in a Catalonian bar and partake in some local food.

2. Get inspired at Salvador Dali House Museum

The Fisherman cottages in Portlligat is what Dali called home for some 50 years of his life. This where he inspired tens and thousands of surrealists from, and it shows. Enjoy the artworks all around the house, the quirky creations that you can only expect with someone like Dali. As you walk around the house, you would see some sculptures that are just breathtaking.

One such is the massive egg at the end of the house, one of the creations that are so Dali-esque that would be left smiling. Another attraction is a replica of Michelangelo’s David which sports a fencing mask.

The best advice we can give about Dali museum is the advice to get lost. Remember the surrealistic roots of Dali and take in the museum as it comes, you will not be left disappointed.

3. See the flora at the Cap Roig Botanical Garden

There is some unabashedly Mediterranean about the botanical garden at Cap Roig. Featuring some of the most beautiful plants, you would see in the area, this garden down from Palafrugell is a sight to behold.

Cap Roig was cultivated by people who liked to grow a lot of plants from different places. This, of course, translates to the fact that you can see sage trees all over an area which also houses the Cactus garden. However, that is not all. Once, you reach the area you would be greeted with a marvelous view of the sea that is endless too.

Vegetation and a sea underneath are one of those marriages that have to be seen by first hand to be believed.

4. Participate in the Fiestas Da Primavera

If you visit Palafrugell and do not understand the Fiestas Da Primavera celebrations which are held on every 15th of May, you would be missing out.

The entire town comes alive with music and art. There are huge parades that go on for hours at an end, and in true Catalonian style, there is food that will last you for days.

What I like about the festival is the fact that it only started in 1963, and it has caught on ever since then. Being a modern festival, it promotes indulgence and the touch of color that is only possible in Costa Brava.

Pro tip catches the performances of the various street artists as you enjoy the parades. Who knows, you might be inspired to join them!

5. Enjoy Girona

Let’s face it; you cannot go to Costa Brava and not end up at Girona someday. However, what we recommend, is taking a whole weekend out for Girona. This is one of those places which remains crowded, so, if you plan your visits during one of the off-seasons of the year, you would be the most satisfied.

Start out with St. Peter’s Basilica a towering Gothic building that welcomes you to its embrace and makes you feel one with history, and works on to a walk along the Imperial walls. Those towns breathing in history we were talking about? Girona is one of the best!

Girona has seen a lot of struggle, and to see the persecution the Jews faced, you must visit the Jewish quarter. EL call is well-preserved, and the Museum of Jewish history is one of the places we recommend to anyone with a passing interest in history.

Finish your weekend with a trip to the baths. These used to be outside Girona at first, but, the city has grown around them. If you want, you can follow up with a walk down the marbled paths of Rambla de la Llibertat which is one of the most beautiful streets you would see with vibrant markets.

With these visits, you would have enough to fill any scrapbooks and a lot of stories to tell anyone who asks. Remember to eat Catalonian food while, you are in Costa Brava and you would be set for a trip to remember through the years.

Have you visited Spain? What’s your favourite spot?