At the end of 2013, to celebrate graduating from University, we travelled over to Cairns in Northern Queensland as a way to continue exploring our home countries backyard, this time we went with Jess’s family. Many tourists head straight to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast when visiting Queensland, but we have 5 reasons to add Cairns to your next holiday.

5. The Crocodiles

Crocodiles are synonymous with Australia, just think Crocodile Dundee or even the late Steve Irwin. If you have never been up close to a crocodile then you have to go to Cairns. There are multiple crocodile parks and farms you can visit during your stay.

The one we decided to go to was located on Green Island called Marineland Melanesia. There you can meet Cassius, the largest crocodile in captivity, if you don’t believe us pick up the latest copy Guinness Book of Records. He is 5.48m long and around 110 years old and yes we were less than a meter away from him.

A picture of the largest crocodile in the world

a picture of a baby crocodile

4. The Waterfalls

If you want to see waterfalls there are plenty in Cairns. It was quite easy for us to see a few (due to hiring a rental car – but you can easily find tour) so we decided to do a road trip through the Millaa Millaa Falls Circuit. It is a loop road situated just outside the small township of Millaa Millaa and comprises of the Millaa Milla, Zillie and Ellinjaa falls.

A picture of a boy at Milla Milla Falls in Cairns

A picture of milla milla falls in cairns

On our trip we also visited the Crystal Cascades – the most popular fresh water swimming hole in Cairns that you can take a dip in. We highly recommend you go and check out this beautiful World Heritage Sight. As you can see Jess’s parents did not want to leave.

A picture of the Crystal Cascades in Cairns

3. White Water Rafting

For a more adventurous activity we recommend going white water rafting. There are 4 local rivers that run white water rafting daily. Friendly locals run the tours and our particular guide let us stop and pick up some mangoes from a wild mango tree on our way home, a tasty treat to add to our day.

White water rafting in cairns

2. The Beaches

During our travels throughout Australia we have come across a lot of beaches and came to the conclusion that Cairns has by far the best beaches we have seen. Pristine white sand with warm turquoise water – perfect for a day of sun and relaxation.

A picture of a beach at green island in cairns

A picture of a beach at green island in cairns

A picture of a coconut at the beach

1. The Great Barrier Reef

By now I am sure you have heard of The Great Barrier Reef and that it is a must see when visiting Australia. This reef just begs to be explored and you don’t have to scuba to uncover the magical marine life found in one of the world’s largest reefs. You can head out to an outer-reef pontoon, go helmet diving, snorkeling, take a helicopter ride or even sea plane scenic tour followed by cruise in a glass bottom boat. Whatever way you choose, you will not be disappointed – trust us!

A picture of people Scuba Dive Great Barrier reef

a picture of reef sharks at the great barrier reef

Would you like to visit Cairns one day?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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