Some of our favourite travel moments are from the adventures and activities that fill up our days abroad. This article was so hard to write and boil down into just 5 experiences that left a mark on us. However, these 5 made us stop, look around and say “I cannot believe we are doing this!” and that’s why they deserve to be here and also deserve your time.

In no particular order here are our top 5 experiences.

#1 Skydiving in Dubai

This was the final addition to our compilation of facing whatever fear of heights we had. The cherry on top, the literal top of the world item was to jump out of a small plane and fall towards the ground. It took years to work up to this moment which started with beach parasailing in Bali and ended flying over the Palm islands in Dubai.

It certainly helps the experience being in Dubai. Seeing the incredible man made islands slowly come closer you is one of the best ways to see them. If you haven’t skydived before or you are considering doing it again – do it Dubai, you won’t regret it.

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skydive dubai

#2 Seeing the Northern Lights in Alaska

This makes our list solely because we didn’t deserve to see it. We camped our way through Alaska during a time when it would be extremely rare to see the Aurora Borealis – we were too early and we were content with knowing we wouldn’t see them. Well one night at 2am a fellow camper jumped out of bed to go to the toilet and screamed “THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!!”. We spent a good hour over photographing them and they were so beautiful to see.

To add to the experience (which has to be seen in person), we saw it a second time just a few nights later.

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Alaska 3

#3 Going on an African Safari

Being South African I feel like I could be a little bit biased here, however I did move away to Australia when I was quite young so all those Safari’s I did as a kid felt like they didn’t really count. 15 years later I returned to my home country, with my fiance Jess and we got so addicted to African Safari’s we ended up staying at 5 different safaris and easily went on a dozen game drives.

Early morning drives and the late afternoon drives are so different to each other (due to different species being nocturnal or not) that you will want to go on both without a second question. Seeing the animals roam in their natural habitat will trounce a day at the zoo any day.

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Cheetah Ridge Lodge

#4 Backpacking Cambodia

We started to really start traveling back in 2010 and it wasn’t until 6 years later that we purchased our first backpack and went on our first backpacking trek. Our time in Cambodia was incredible and it taught us a valuable lesson that spending 2 weeks or more in one country, going off the beaten paths is really the best way to experience and explore a it.

Not only did we see Angkor Wat at sunrise but we lived in a local village for a night, got addicted to Tuk Tuks and ate way too many Amoks.

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Ultimate Cambodia Geckos

#5 Getting PADI Scuba Certified

Ever since we scuba dived for the first time at the Great Barrier Reef we have been trying our best to squeeze as many diving trips in as possible. After doing intro dive after intro dive in the Maldives and Hawaii we decided that it was time to buckle down and get scuba certified.

Not only did we head down with a bunch of great friends, we made an experience out of it and had one amazing time. If you have just snorkelled and haven’t tried scuba diving before I implore you to give it a shot – you will never go back.

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We would love to read about your favourite travel moment – leave a comment below!

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