One word to sum up why you should visit Dubai – diversity. Dubai offers an array of experiences from dune bugging and sky diving to camping in the tranquil desert. Dubai is most often visited as a brief stopover for travellers as it is situated virtually in the center of the world. Most passing through are without knowledge of what they’re missing out on – and trust us, they are missing out! We had just 5 days to explore this amazing city and here are our top 5 picks of what we did in Dubai.

5. The Burj Khalifa

The tallest man-made structure in the world (for now) is impossible to miss from the moment you touchdown in Dubai. The opportunity to view the city from the observation deck on the 134th floor is truly spectacular. There is also plenty to do in Downtown Dubai including the free water fountain show that runs every night. If you want to go to the top we recommend you book your visit a few weeks in advance online as you will save money and it also gets booked out very quickly.


4. Ski Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates

We certainly didn’t think about packing a snow jacket when heading to Dubai so luckily Ski Dubai had all the supplies we needed. It was quite a surreal experience when we were visiting The Mall of the Emirates, one moment we were trying on clothes and the next we were skiing down a high slope! Whenever we were share stories of our trip people never believe we actually went skiing in Dubai.


3. Swim with dolphins at Aquaventure Waterpark, Atlantis The Palm

We had planned a full day to spend at Aquaventure Waterpark inside the Atlantis and there were still rides we missed out on. We had never experienced swimming with dolphins and it was a very special moment for both of us to head down to dolphin cove where we played and swam with the dolphins.

A picture of people swimming with dolphins at Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai

2. Dubai Evening Desert Safari

Dubai is known for their spectacular architecture in the middle of the desert. We decided that we would spend the afternoon dune bugging through the desert, watching the sunset on camel back, and trying traditional foods and drinks whilst watching exotic dancers perform. For our full experience on this awesome tour check out the Desert Safari Dubai post.


1. Skydive Dubai

Hands down, the number one thing we recommend anyone to do in Dubai is skydive! For all those adrenaline junkies out there the view of jumping over The Palm and Dubai Marina is one you will never forget – trust us. Make sure you check back on our blog for our full review.

A picture of people skydiving in dubai


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