boy throwing red dirt into air at rainbow valley

I am currently typing away and completing some 2016 round up posts for you and during the process I thought to myself, beyond our vlogs, we tend to skip doing announcements right here. For that we are truly sorry and seeing as we are already a month and a half into 2017 we decided to do a quick little update about our upcoming travel plans for the first half of the year.


Well there is no point in letting you know what happened here because it has already happened. In January we started our year spending some time with Jess’s parents, announcing we were featured in the Geckos Adventures brochure and headed back home to Perth to start planning a very special event that will be taking place later on in the year.


In early November last year you may recall that we headed out to Africa for a massive 5 week trip throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia before briefly returning home and then jet setting off to Cairns for the Christmas break. I will admit we closed shop and stopped working throughout the rest of December which meant all the work from November & December piled up. We needed to take most of February off from travel to get everything in order and all our previous jobs done before this year of travel could start!

We anticipate the travel to resume late February as we are once again teaming up with our favourite volunteering organisation GoEco to check out some of their projects in Asia on a photography & videography work assignment. In terms of February it looks like we will be flying into Bangkok, Thailand to begin our journey.


We will let you behind the curtains of Flying the Nest, a little behind the scenes if you will. The majority of our trips seem to always be finalised and booked very last minute. There are so many cogs and wheels in motion and people to align that as I am typing this blog post in the middle of February we still haven’t booked our flights or visas and we leave in about a week and a half on our Asian trip. My point is that in March we roughly know the countries we will be in but not the dates.

After arriving in Thailand we are heading straight to Laos, it was cheaper to fly into Bangkok and then onto Laos. Once we are finished volunteering and exploring the area we will return to Thailand to do several weeks of volunteering throughout the country before taking a quick holiday in Phuket to catch our breath and enjoy the views.

Then we head to a country I am very interested in visiting and that is Myanmar. With tourism only opening up within the last decade it will be fascinating to see a country that borders countries with economies that rely on tourists. Alongside seeing the Bagan temples, I just want to take in slow and enjoy the culture.


April will be a continuation of our Asia trip with countries such as Borneo and Malaysia being talked about. Again we really are not 100% sure where this Asia trip is going to take us but do expect some amazing travel vlogs coming your way over these two months!


In 2017 our bucket list is Philippines, Japan and India and we are so incredibly thankful to be able to check off one of these countries this early into the year – Japan! We will be flying into Tokyo for a 2 week trip with Geckos Adventure Tours who we are ambassadors of! You may also see us ticking of a HUGE Australian bucket list moment this month as well so definitely stay tuned for May vlogs and blog posts – May is going to be a very exciting month for us.

June + Beyond

Okay, we hate to leave you all on a cliffhanger but the second half of the year is going to be very special for us. After almost 10 years together, and a 3 year long engagement we are finally tying the knot and getting married. In terms of our wedding, we are having a destination wedding because you know we wouldn’t have it any other way and don’t worry you are just as much in the dark as everyone over on our YouTube channel is.

In the lead up to our wedding we are planning to slow down a lot on the travel side. Organising a wedding is no simple task, let alone abroad. However, once we head overseas at the end of June the adventure will once again pick back up!

Where would you like to see Flying The Nest travel to in 2017?