After travelling here and there over the course of 7 years we have slowly accumulated a list of travel websites that we now use every time we book a new trip. If your planning, booking or on the road – check out these super useful sites to help you with your next adventure. If you are like us and Loveholidays and especially love planning them, then this list of the most useful travel websites will fuel your wanderlust to book that next trip.


Jet Lag Rooster

If you’re like us and hate jet lag then you will love this little site. You just have to clock in your travel details 3 days before your flight and Jet Lag Rooster will design you a personalised sleep schedule so you can avoid that dreaded jet lag.


If you love organising your trips and having a place to keep all your important details into a handy document then you will love TripIt. All you need to do is forward all your email receipts from your hotel bookings, flights, car rentals etc and TripIt will compile all your flight numbers, gate info and other important information. It also gives you flight status updates, weather forecasts, links to check in online and other handy tips.

Road Trippers

Planning a road trip? Road Trippers has you covered. It allows you to calculate your approximate trip mileage, travel time and fuel cost. It also allows you to discover points of interest along your journey which you can simply save to your account and sync to your iPhone app. You can then get turn-by-turn navigation and it will alert you whenever you are nearby local places to discover along the way.

Road Trippers



Skyscanner is our go to site whenever we are booking flights. It compares all major airlines and gives you a list of all the cheapest flights on the day you are wanting to fly. If you have some flexiablity, you can also see how much the flight would be a few days before and after the date you were thinking so you can fly out on the cheapest day.


Ever since we discovered this site we haven’t book our accommodation anywhere else. Before Airbnb we used to scour the net looking for cheap hotels with at least a kitchenette or some wifi. Now we simpyl jump on to Airbnb and can find apartments and houses to stay in for cheaper then what we would pay in the past for hotels. Plus we can find spaces with full kitchens, cable TV and wifi!



Skiplagged is a cheeky site that helps you find the cheapest flights possible. What it does is just say you were look to go from San Diego to Chicago, sometimes it can be cheaper to buy a San Diego to New York flight with a Chicago layover, and you can just simply skip your Chicago to New York connection. Pretty clever, huh?

Rome 2 Rio

Rome2rio searches any city, town, landmark, attraction or address across the globe with thousands of routes to easily get you from A to B. So you can simply pop in Vancouver to Calgary and it will give you endless options on how you can get there via plane, train, bus, ferry etc so you can then choose how you want to get there.

On The Road

Spotted By Locals

Enjoy experiencing places like the locals? Spotted by Locals has so far put up 57 city guides so far across Europe and North America with local tips to discover tucked away restaurants and less crowded places to discover.

Spotted By Locals


If you are passionate about trying local cuisine then you need to check out EatWith.  Hosts that have a talent for making amazing meals and a love for welcoming people into their homes sign themselves up on the site. Travellers and locals can then see where and when these hosts are organising a dinner party and you can attend, meet new people and try amazing food.


So you have arrived at your destination, now what? If you jump onto Peek you can scroll through a wide variety of activities and look through exclusive city guides of what to see and where to shop and eat.

Got any useful travel websites you would like to share?

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