Don’t get us wrong, we love travelling but there are certainly things about travelling that are not so fun. Its fine every once and a while to go on a little rant and get those things that annoy you off your chest. So, I hope you enjoy our rant for the day and I am sure you will agree with some of the things we hate about travelling.

1. Packing

I don’t know about you, but we hate the packing process. A short weekend getaway is easy, but having to pack for trips that have multiple climates and landscapes are so tricky! Plus, we are still learning how to get that balance of packing not too much and not too little.

2. Flight Delays

Whether it happens during the beginning or end of your trip, flight delays are definitely something we hate about travelling. Whats even worse is when you have multiple stops and your delay has meant you miss your connecting flight! You do not want to spend more time waiting at airports then at your destination.

3. Jetlag

Another way you can lose your holiday time is due to the dreaded jet lag! You finally get to your exotic destination after hours of flying and you’re suddenly hit with a wave of sleepiness at 1pm and when you finally adjust to the time difference … it’s time to go home! We have personally experienced the affects this one can have on your trips.

4. No Airport Wifi

We are self confessed internet addicts plus our job now depends on internet access. Having no internet at an airport during a 4 hour wait sucks! I know this is such a petty problem and most will say why don’t you read a book or go and explore – don’t worry – we know we have a problem.



5. Public Toilets … or lack there of

One of the worst things about travelling is the lack of toilets, and the ones that do exist we usually find are in a dreadful state. This can become a major issue when you are in a new, exotic land where you body, let’s say, hasn’t quite adjusted to the food. Our advice to you is to pack a toilet roll because you never know where you may need it.

6. Touts

You can see and hear them in every major tourist destination. They may seem nice at first, smiling faces and promises of the best prices in town – but then they become insistent, some literally dragging you into their shop and forcing their merchandise into your hands.

7. Too Many Travellers

Imagine being able to take a photo of  the eiffel tower without a herd of tourists in front of it, or not having to line up for hours and hours to get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa. The world we live in is now over run with travellers. This problem can be solved if you were to seek out unconventional destinations, but the greedy people that we are want to see both!



8. Visa Applications

After deciding to move to the US and Canada during 2015 we are now very aware of the inconvenience of visas. They can require a lot of paper work, are time consuming, add to the cost of your trip and the long processing times mean you can’t just spontaneously decide to visit an exotic far away place.

9. Running Out Of Funds

There is nothing worse then getting to the middle of your trip and running out of money! Sometimes we can get a little over excited wanting to experience, taste and drink everything a new destination has to offer, but if we aren’t careful we can max out a credit card in a number of days. Set yourself a limit and stick to it, it is not worth coming home to a giant bill at the end.

10. Leaving

I am sure that this is on the top of most of your lists about what you hate about travel. It is always nice to get to the end of your travels, but if you are like us this is when the post-holiday blues kick in. To help with this we always seem to take comfort in the fact that there is always the nest trip to plan and look forward to!

Is there anything you hate about travelling?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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