Welcome to Slovakia! This is our first time exploring Slovakia and to be honest we did not know what to expect. After a chaotic travel day flying from Paris to Vienna, we hopped on a bus from Vienna airport to the capital of Bratislava excited to experience a brand new country.

We had two full days to explore this city and after the 48 hours were over we are here to tell you that you need to add this city to your bucket list! Full of history, delicious food, cheap shopping and a beautiful Old Town – Bratislava is a must visit.

If you are busy planning a trip to this part of the world make sure you watch our YouTube video below sharing with you everything we got up to here in Bratislava, and keep on scrolling for more info.


1. Enjoy a Coffee from the Coffee Brothers

While strolling through Old Town we came across a cafe… on wheels. The Coffee Brothers have three bike-coffee stands that cycle through the city each morning serving seriously good coffee!

2. Stroll through the Old Town

Our favourite part of Bratislava has got to be the Old Town. Full of beautiful old buildings, cute alley ways and squares full of boutiques and cafes – you could easily spend a full day exploring here. The Old Town is quite compact so you won’t get lost or have issues finding your way around. Also, make sure you look out for all the quirky statues that are scattered throughout the streets.

3. Visit the Blue Church

One of the prettiest buildings in the city is St. Elizabeth’s church, built in the Art Nouveau style at the beginning of the 20th century. It is covered top to bottom in a beautiful shade of blue and is very popular for weddings and baptisms here in Bratislava.

4. Grab Breakfast from Urban Bistro

We did not expect Bratislava to have such a large cafe culture, but once we started walking through the streets of the Old Town we stumbled upon so many amazing cafes serving delicious brunch meals and coffee. Our favourite spot we ate at was Urban Bistro. We suggest getting their Australian breakfast (poached eggs, smoked salmon & avocado on toast) and a latte – so delicious!

5. Enjoy the view from Michael’s Gate

Michael’s Gate is the only preserved gate of the city fortification system dating back to the 14th century. For 4.50€ you can take the stairs to the 51m high upper terrace for beautiful views of Bratislava Castle and the Old Town.

6. Have drinks from the top of the UFO Tower

Overlooking the Danube and the Old Town is a tower that really does look like a flying saucer! We suggest taking the elevator 95 meters up to the observation deck for an amazing view over the city before heading to the bar for sunset cocktails.

7. Watch the Sunset from Bratislava Castle

If you are looking for a wonderful view of the city and the perfect place to watch the sunset we suggest heading to Bratislava Castle. This castle was the former seat of the rulers, and today an iconic symbol of Bratislava and where you will find the Museum of History. It is the perfect vantage point to see the Old Town and the Danube from above.

It only takes around 15 minutes to walk up the hill to the castle and once you’re there we suggest taking a stroll through the Baroque gardens and enjoy a beer or coffee at a picturesque cafe overlooking the Old Town.

8. Have a Traditional Slovak meal at Slovak Pub

If you are looking for a traditional Slovak meal we highly recommend heading to Slovak Pub. From the outside it may look a little touristy, but once you enter you will be greeted to a massive, authentic looking restaurant that smells like home cooking.

For starters we tried their garlic soup which was served in a huge bread roll and it was delicious. For mains we decided to get a sharing platter which had three different Slovak dishes that we could try – our favourite was the dumplings stuffed with goat cheese.

9. Go on a Day Trip to Devin Castle

If you are looking for a day trip for Bratislava we suggest taking a leisurely boat cruise down the Danube River to Devin Castle. This medieval castle was built on top of a hill overlooking the Danube. Many of the castle rooms and the castle walls are still intact after hundreds of years! Also, once’s a year the castle hosts a Medieval Knights Show so make sure you check if you happen to be in town during the event.

10. Have Burgers Overlooking Old Town at Rooftop by Regal

While enjoying the views from Michael’s Gate we noticed a cool looking rooftop restaurant/bar and decided to check it out. It ended up being an amazing burger spot with beautiful views over the Old Town. The sizes are massive so we suggest grabbing a burger to share, a cold bottle of Kofola and enjoy dinner along side all the young Slovak locals.