One of the most popular questions we get asked is, “What is your favourite city you have ever visited?” and our answer to date has always been Dubai

Dubai is most often visited as a brief stopover for travellers as it is situated virtually in the center of the world. Most passing through are without knowledge of what they’re missing out on – and trust us, they are missing out!

Here are our 10 reasons why Dubai needs to be your next travel destination.

10. To explore a man-made island

Dubai is home to the world’s largest artificial island, Palm Jumeriah. Built in 2006, you will find multi-million dollar mansions and 5 star luxury hotels, including the famous Atlantis The Palm. We highly recommend spending a day exploring the Palm and visiting the Atlantis Aquaventure and Lost Chambers Experience.



9. To stay at the most luxurious hotels in the world

Dubai has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. The finest being rated 7 stars include the Burj Al Arab and the Al Maha – and no we have unfortunately not experienced them for ourselves, but we can dream. 



8. To go to the mall

Dubai is such a fascinating city that even the shopping centres have more things to do in them than most cities around the world. The Dubai Mall is the largest in the world, and here you can not only shop, but visit an aquarium, watch an incredible water show and even go skiing!

Skii Dubai

7. To go dune bashing

It is hard to forget when you are standing in the middle of an incredible city that just a short drive away is miles and miles of open desert! You need to spend at least a day out of the city and go dune bashing in a buggy! You will see some magnificent dunes as you drive up and down countless sand mountains.

Dune bugging Dubai

6. To visit a mosque

You need to visit Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai’s largest mosque and one of a few that non-Muslims can visit. It is completely breathtaking built in the Fatimid tradition, with elaborate Arabic calligraphy decorating the interior.



5. To visit the gold souks

Shopping for gold in Dubai is amazing as it’s cheaper AND you get to haggle! Even if you are not keen on purchasing any gold, we highly recommend you still check out the gold souks. They are entire shopping malls dedicated to selling gold, silver, platinum and diamond dating back to the 1940’s.



4. To go up the tallest building in the world

Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, at nearly twice the height of the Empire State building! Reaching 828 metres tall, it is an incredible building to see, and the views from the top are even more incredible. You can also dine at the world’s highest restaurant on level 122. 

Dubai City

3. To go to the beach

Who doesn’t want to spend some time relaxing on a beautiful beach when they are on vacation? Yes, the Dubai summer can get pretty hot, however visiting in the spring and autumn time has the perfect beach weather.



2. To experience a desert safari

One of best things to do in Dubai is to go on a desert safari. You will be picked up in a 4×4 and taken to a traditional arabic dinner in the desert. Before the feast commences you will ride camels, go sand boarding, get traditional henna tattoos and watch belly dancers perform. 

camel in dubai

1. To skydive over The Palm

If we had to give you only one reason to visit Dubai it would have to be to skydive over the Palm. It was the most incredible thing we have ever done, with the most incredible views we have ever seen! 

A picture of someone skydiving in dubai

Have you ever visited Dubai? What did you think?

Stephen and Jess signoff