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The Vatican Museums house some of the world’s most beautiful and culturally significant art, however after our visit we have come to the conclusion there aren’t many museums that have the ability to be so moving to its visitors, yet so difficult and frustrating to navigate!

Why you should take a guided tour of The Vatican

Walking through the doors of the Vatican Museums is seriously overwhelming. The place is massive, having a huge collection of classical sculptures to renaissance masterpieces. If visiting on your own you may feel there is just to much too see and too much to take in, unsure on what pieces of art are not to be missed.

The palace has an estimated 1,400 rooms, chapels and galleries, most of which are a part of the Vatican Library and Museums. The enormous amount of paintings, sculptures and other works located inside can easily become overwhelming for even the most knowledgable visitor. This is why we highly recommend doing a guided tour of The Vatican.

During our time in Rome we experienced Vatican City via the Vatican Highlights Tour with 365 Tickets. Going on a guided tour meant we avoided the long queues and had someone explain the history and significance of the incredible works of art and architecture we explored the complex museums.


Highlights of our Vatican visit

The highlight for us has got to be the Sistine Chapel. Consecrated in the late 1400s, it is one of the most visited churches in the world. Seeing Leonardo da Vinci’s ceiling masterpiece, the Last Judgment, in person is something we will never forget.

> Some of our favourite rooms were from the four Rapheal Rooms which act as a grand entrance to the Vatican and showcase the famous frescoes by Michelangelo and Raphael.

> The Gallery of Maps was also an incredible room, containing a series of painted topographical maps. Back in the 1580’s it took Iganzio Danzi three years to complete 40 panels – and it that doesn’t sound much, the gallery is 120m in length!

Book your Vatican tour for $110AUD per person.

Have you visited the Vatican Museums? Did you opt for a guided or self tour?

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A big thanks to 365 Tickets for taking us to our 30th country! As always, our opinions are our own.


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