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After spending a few days waking up to yoga sessions and sipping coconuts by the pool, we decided it was time to do something a little more adventurous before our time in Bali came to an end. As we both are little adrenaline junkies we couldn’t go passed experiencing white water rafting down the longest river in Bali, the Ayung River.

White Water Rafting in Ubud – Our Experience

Our day started with a 6am alarm. We quickly gulped back a coffee, grabbed some pancakes to go and excitedly headed off to Ubud for a morning of white water rafting with Bali Adventure Tours.

Once we arrived at the point of the river we met our guides, got outfitted with the proper gear and began our trek down 400 stairs to the river bank. There we were greeted with a breathtaking valley, green and lush forest, but most importantly our rafts bouncing around in the water waiting for us to jump on in.



The majority of the time we were cruising at a steady pace giving us plentiful time to marvel at the scenery surrounding us. Don’t get us wrong, every now the mellow stream would hit some exciting rapids that had us questioning if we were going to stay in our raft. However, most of the time the rapids were quite calm, expect a relaxing ride more than an adrenaline filled rollercoaster.

Deep valleys and cascading waterfalls made up the lush forest – an area of Bali we recommend you do not miss during a visit! Our favourite moment would have to be when we came across a waterfall spilling into the river. We paddled straight for it until our entire raft, us included, were underneath getting completely soaked!

bali rafting

After about 2 hours of paddling we reached our final stop – which meant it was time to ascend back up the 400 stairs. Though knowing that hot showers and a buffet lunch awaited us at the top got us through the climb.

Book a white water rafting tour in Bali for $85USD.

What destination should we experience white water rafting next?

Stephen and Jess signoff

Many thanks to Bali Adventure Tours for hosting us for the day. As always, all opinions are our own.


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