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Doing fashion shoot at Rainbow Valley



Alice Springs Rainbow Valley




a boy and girl riding a camel in alice springs



Alice Springs Beginning Boutique

how to film during a helicopter ride

Alice Springs Beginning Boutique

Alice Springs Beginning Boutique


Alice Springs Beginning Boutique

Alice Springs Beginning Boutique

BLACK TOP: Beginning Boutique  / BLUE DRESS: Beginning Boutique / GREEN DRESS: Beginning Boutique

After visiting Northern Territory’s Top End earlier this year I completely fell in love and knew I had to get myself to the Red Center sooner than later. When the email came through that we would be returning to the NT and this time to Central Australia’s Alice Springs I couldn’t contain my excitement!

There is just so many things to see in do in and around Alice Springs we found it hard to fit everything we wanted to do into just 4 days, but I think we managed well. From riding camels, to road tripping from national park to national park and going on our first ever helicopter flight – our trip to Alice Springs is going to be one we will never forget.

Now we just need to make our way to Ayers Rock (and I hoping we do so by the end of the year)!

A big thanks to the Northern Territory tourism board for an incredible trip!

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  • Nadja Flechner

    Hi! This is such a beautiful site! Is this a theme that you can install or did you get it done?
    Keep it up, I love your website! <3

  • Alli Smith

    The photos are stunning and your dresses are so pretty! What a fun trip – from the camel ride to the helicopter ride and all that beautiful scenery.

  • Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom

    Love this area! Your pictures are amazing! And love the dresses! Seem very comfortable while walking around sightseeing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Shirley Wood

    I think Australia is a beautiful place and it would fun to visit there someday. The helicopter and camel rides look really fun. What a cute dog too!

  • Jeanette

    Stria looks like such a awesome place to explore! There are so many different kinds of claimants out there. I live in a desert so that one I know well. I cannot wait to come explore other parts of Australia, this place looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    It sounds like you both had a fantastic time in on your Alice Springs weekend. I would so love to visit here some day and go on a camel ride. I don’t know about he helicopter though since I am afraid of heights. Thanks for sharing the video and your experiences.

  • I love all of the animals! What an awesome helicopter ride!!

  • Pam W

    These are beautiful pictures, they make me want to visit Alice Springs. I love the picture of the shadow from the camels.

  • Looks like a great weekend in Alice Springs, I love the idea of taking off to visit that location for a weekend. Certainly seems like a great way to detach!

  • Sounds and looks like a really awesome place to explore! One day I hope I could visit Alice Springs myself 🙂


    Looks like a lovely time. One of my besties lives in Canberra and keeps begging me to visit with my family. Someday we will get down under.

  • Seems like a wonderful place – relaxing and comfy I would say and I just love the outfits you wore during the trip, too! 🙂

  • Chrishelle Ebner

    Oh my goodness the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. I need to put this on my travel Bucket List. What a fun trip.

    • Alice Springs is so beautiful! Would suggest anyone to travel there!

  • Y’all are goals! I love your blog & all of your travels!

  • aly mashrah

    That looks amazing! I would love to visit that sometime, it looks absolutely gorgeous. I love your pictures, also! Feels like I was there.

  • Chrissy Hme

    So much fun! You look gorgeous by the way and I would love to see those animals face to face!

  • Stunning pictures, the Santuary looks so freaking cool. The camel pictures make me want to adopt one.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Ooooooo lovely photos!!!!!! I would love to visit one day. Hopefully my travels take me there one day!