Dear Diary Europe


Europe is a very popular destination for travellers around the world due to it’s rich culture, diversity and the ability to see so many countries in a small area – so why haven’t we been yet?

1. It Was Not High On Our Early Bucket List

Our initial bucket list was to see Asia and America. Growing up in Australia and funding our own travels meant we had to pick either USA or Europe due to the giant cost that both continents entail during our full time university studies. We have always been drawn to America so we had to go there first!

2. We Wanted Unique Stories

Our travel journey started when we finished high school and so did our friends. Everyone around us fled to Europe and we heard so many stories during parties and social events about Europe that we felt we had already been! We wanted to share some unique travel stories so we decided to head to Asia and North America instead.


3. It Can Be Quite Expensive

We have only been on two expensive holidays so far – our 5 week eastern USA trip and a 3 week adventure around Asia and The Middle East – there wasn’t funds for a third expensive holiday. We have mostly travelled Asia and our own backyard, Australia, which were relatively inexpensive. There just wasn’t any spare money to fund a visit to Europe due to university.

We Are Now Ready To Go!

Next year we will be ticking off the western side of America and the amazing country of Canada – which will then open up Europe and we are so glad we have left it to last. As they say, leave the best for last and we are itching to visit.

Have you held off going to a popular destination? What were your reasons? We would love to hear in the comment section below, Tweet us or leave a post on Facebook.

Stephen and Jess signoff

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  • Mindi @ 2foodtrippers

    We were recently in Europe, though just in Italy this time. You’re going to love it there!

  • Some of my reasons for never having left Europe are similar to yours. I only started working full time last year, I am still drawn to many European destinations more than overseas ones, and then there are places that I keep going back to because I love them and because a weekend away every now and then is so tempting! There are still places here I really want to visit, like Scandinavia, Iceland, Sicily and some parts of Spain that I shockingly haven’t seen yet. Next week for example we’re off to Brussels (cheap flight there from our town), Trier (my boyfriend’s German, I’ve lived in Germany and none of us have been there yet!) and Luxembourg (because it’s nearby and when else would we think about going there?!). We both really want to do New York and we are planning a San Francisco-Vancouver trip for next summer

    • Such an interesting perspective. For us living in Australia we feel the same way. Exploring Australia and Asia is so much easier and cheaper for us. Australia is SO far away from any other countries that we too want to make sure that when we fly somewhere we stay for long and have time to explore for longer!

      • Exactly. With a tight budget it seems worthless to save to go to the other side of the world when I can fly to Brussels for 40€ return…When are you planning on hitting the West coast? Have you started planning? I have made a provisional route, but I’d love to see what places you’re checking out!

        • (P.s. sorry for hijacking @jessvalentine:disqus thread) We start our long term travel in February where we will be flying to Hawaii, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco. After we finish up there we will be basing ourselves in Vancouver till June/July and then we will see how we go – might try the other side of Canada!

          • That’s awesome. We want to drive up from San Francisco to Vancouver stopping in Portland and Seattle. I look forward to seeing where you go!

  • Also I think that if you’re flying from so far away it’s worth it do wait and be able to explore for longer. For example, visiting some lovely smaller Italian cities like Verona instead of rushing it through Florence, Rome and Venice (although those ones are musts).

    • We would love to base ourselves in possibly England and then do small trips all around Europe!

      • That’s a good idea, Ryanair (the cheapest airline) has a lot of destinations from London.

        • jorge

          and a very sustainable form of travel as well

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  • It’s a long way from Australia to Europe but I think you’ll be very happy when you finally get here. There is so much variety, and you’ll be able to find plenty of places your friends haven’t been to!

  • Brianna @ The Casual Travelist

    I’m a short term traveler as well which is why, being from the US, I havent made my way to OZ or SEA.

  • I can totally relate with you guys, I have asked many times why haven’t I traveled to Europe yet, and I always feel like although I would definitely go some day (hopefully next year) it is not on the top of my list. All Dominicans travel to Europe and I wanted something different. I feel like I wrote this post, lol!

  • Leave the best for last indeed 🙂 Yes Europe usually comes across as an expensive destination but there are so many ways you can work around it. Let us know if Portugal will be part of your list 😉

  • Jon @

    I avoided Europe for quite a while but now I’m there and it’s great! Make sure you go to Budapest and Transylvania.

  • Interesting thoughts! Coming from the USA, I did Europe first, now we are in SEA and I am dying to get to Australia! Kind of saving it for last for pretty much the same reasons 🙂 -Evanne

  • Flying from Australia must be so expensive! It’s why I haven’t been to Australia yet (I’m from Norway), even though I’ve always wanted to. But now I’m going in February!! So excited.

    I can understand what you mean about Europe being so popular and every place is overrun with tourists. But it’s only because people go to the same places! I’ve now visited almost every country in it, several times (all except Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia and Belarus), and there are sooo many beautiful and amazing places in Europa nobody hardly visits. Especially in the Eastern parts of Europe. Romania, Albania and Macedonia are fantastic countries (and safe unlike what many people think), and sooo cheap to travel around in.

  • Victoria Thoo

    Some good points that many people wouldn’t think of (coming from a fellow aussie). It is so expensive for us to get anywhere, it is often a choice of one major destination over another!

  • Sarah

    You didn’t mention South America – it’s amazing – you should definitely go there!

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  • Besides being expensive to travel, Europe can be often overrated. But if you decide to come to Europe and you are loking for stories and less touristy places I suggest you visit Western Balkans. You would be surprise how cheap is this part of the world, Especially Macedonia. And if you come to Slovenia as well, let me know 😉