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The Galapagos has been a bucket list destination of ours ever since we watched David Attenborough’s Planet Earth. A visit here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, filled with incredible wildlife (on land and in the sea) as well as unspoilt beautiful islands.

We had the incredible opportunity to visit Isabella Island for a few days while exploring Ecuador, and it was a highlight of our South America trip for sure!

We only had a short time on the island and we knew we wanted to do at least one tour while there that would show off the uniqueness that Isabella has to offer. We wanted to experience a tour that allowed you to explore the land and the sea so we went for a Los Tuneles Tour with Nature Galapagos.

We spent the day snorkeling in crystal clear waters, seeing blue footed boobies nesting with their newborns, swimming with Galapagos sharks and massive sea turtles, and exploring the unique Los Tuneles formed by lava!

Best Snorkelling in the World: Los Tuneles

After an hour boat ride we arrived at a mangrove forest that had grown up around a maze of underwater lava tunnels. We jumped straight into the water and weaved in and out of rocky coves and shallow corals, sighting schools of fish and sea turtles along the way. The green sea turtles were the largest we had ever seen!

After swimming with at least ten friendly sea turtles, our guide directed us to a rock under which white-tip sharks were sleeping. We then turned around and saw a massive shark swimming around us!

Finally swimming in amongst the mangroves our guide helped point out a sea horse camouflaged in the tangly root system.

To get the full experience, make sure you check out our vlog below!

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Thanks to Nature Galapagos for allowing us to experience your Los Tuneles Tour!

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