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I am so thankful for the amount of countries that I have ticked off thanks toΒ tons of saving and countless hours put into running a travel blog and YouTube channel. With 32 countries ticked off the bucket list I honestly can say that I am very content with what I have being able to see before my 26th birthday.

However, as with any addiction you just want to see more and more places and luckily with travel it’s a great thing to be addicted to; the incurable disease of wanderlust.

2017, I am looking at you to help me tick these countries off my bucket list.

BTW: quick authors note: totally didn’t realise that my entire bucket list falls under Asia…

1. Japan

Maybe it’s the video game geek culture injected into me since a young age, our love of Asia or simply Japan looks freaking incredible!

We have had so many friends from school head to Japan to ski and yes that is one aspect, but one very small aspect that interests me. I want to head to the cities, sleep in a sleeping pods, be in-decisive at an all you can buy vending machine and try and order a drink from their mind boggling restaurants.

Once we are done in the cities I want to head out to the countryside and see the beauty of both the nature and the culture.

There is so much to see in Japan and at least two weeks in Japan in 2017 is calling my name. With the 2020 Olympics slowly creeping up, I need to head here before the rest of the world decides they want to too.


2. Philippines

I will be honest, the Philippines was not on our radar until a few years ago. An old colleague of Jess’s was from there and would always share stories of its beauty. “Move over the Maldives, the Philippines is closer and cheaper” she would say.

Since then I haven’t stopped noticing the Philippines. Fellow blogger, vlogger and Periscope friends have been exploring the various islands and now I can’t stop thinking about heading out there. Whether for the drone footage I would capture over the crystal blue waters, or the hours spent enjoying the beaches, I need to go ASAP.


3. Nepal

I have always had a high curiosity of Nepal, but it wasn’t until friends of ours The Common Wanderer blew us away with their breathtaking images captured from there. I tend to get inspired by one or two images on Instagram or a travel video on YouTube to get my inspiration juices going and they bumped Nepal up into the top 4 very quickly.

I want to raft the whitewater’s of Trisuli, see if my body can cope in the high altitude and of course climb some of those massive mountains in the Himalayas.


4. India

India! Where do I start with India. Do I start with food, culture? The Holi Festival? There are just so many reasons that made India make our bucket list. I want to visit the Taj Mahal, explore the province of Rajasthan, eat Korma that’s been made traditionally and to witness the birthplace of so many religions.

We also named backpacking through Cambodia with Geckos Adventures one of our favourite travel experiences so far, so maybe a backpacking trip through India with them will make next years to do list?


5. Bonus: Number 1

I was thinking about placing our number one bucket list destination here but I think that could potentially give away where we are wanting to get married. Soon though, soon we will announce where our destination wedding will be. In the meantime you can follow along on our wedding planning on YouTube as we get closer to organising everything.

What country is at the top of your bucket list?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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