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When is the best time to book my flights? This is the golden question, with no 100% accurate answer. Here is what we have found from previous experience.

What Day Should I Book?

The less-popular days to fly are of course the cheapest, these days tend to be Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The most popular days, also the most expensive, tend to be Fridays and Sundays. You should also take into consideration when is the cheapest time to fly, which again comes down to what is the less-popular times, which include red-eyes and early morning flights.

How Long Should I Wait Before Booking?

Many websites says that for domestic flights you should book between 3 months and 30 days before departure. For international flights the best time seems to be between 5 to 3 months before departure. A big mistake many travellers make is waiting until the last minute to book, which is usually when prices increase dramatically. Of course, you may get lucky and get a crazy deal at the last minute, but sometimes if you don’t have the flexibility your better off to book it sooner rather than later.

Are You Flexible?

If you are flexible and open with your travels then you need to look into the Skyscanner’sΒ everywhereΒ option. This will show you the cheapest places to fly to from your current destination. You simply choose where you are flying from, the date you are wanting to fly and it will show you where to fly and the cheapest day to go. We think this is such a fantastic feature!

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We are always looking for new tips and tricks with cheap ways to book flights. If you have any up your sleeve, please send them this way!

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