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If you have a cheeky sweet tooth like us than you need to take a trip to Kensington Market here in Toronto. There are so many delicious bakeries and cake shops throughout this funky area, it’s hard to choose just one. This is why we opted to experience the area by joining a Kensington Markets Tasty Tour and now know all the best places to find a tasty treat.

Here is our sweet tooth’s guide to Kensington Markets…

Ding Dong Bakery

In Chinatown, just outside of Kensington Markets, you can find some of the tastiest Chinese treats around. One of these Chinese bakeries we suggest checking out is Ding Dong Bakery. When you step into the store the room is filled with the smell of baking and all the pastries are super inexpensive. We highly recommend trying their egg tart, it is similar to a custard tart with a buttery pastry crust filled with egg custard – delicious! 


Toronto Popcorn Company

Have you ever tasted Chipotle flavoured popcorn? What about watermelon flavoured popcorn? Or pizza flavoured popcorn? No? Either had we before checking out the Toronto Popcorn Company. Here they make gourmet flavoured popcorn with over 100 unique flavours to choose from!



Akrems Shoppe Middle East Sweets

For something a little different head over to Akrems Shoppe for some Middle Eastern treats and sweets. We suggest tasting the baklava, a yummy puffed pastry filled with ground nuts and honey.


Pancho’s Bakery

We absolutely love churros, and if you do too than you must try the churros at Pancho’s Bakery. Pancho’s is an authentic Mexican bakery churning out the best churros we have ever tasted! If you haven’t tried them before, churros are kind of like a Spanish doughnut – a deep fried dough, covered in sugar and cinnamon with hot syrup squeezed through the middle. YUM!



Wanda’s Pie In The Sky

Specialising in hand-made desserts including pies, cakes, tarts, and other baked goods to eat in or take home – Wanda’s Pie in the Sky has it all! We tried their cute, little cupcakes which are so light and fluffy with the best icing on top.



To have a taste of all mentioned sweets above (and more) why not try out a Tasty Tours walking tour of Kensington Market. You will be guided through one of our favourite Toronto neighbourhoods as you are introduced to some of the best bakeries & sweet shops in the area.

Book a Tasty Tour for CAD$35 per person. 

Do you have a sweet tooth, or are you more of a savoury lover?

Stephen and Jess signoff

Special thanks to Tasty Tours Toronto for taking us on their Kensington Market Sweets Tour. Our opinion is, as always, our own. 


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