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If you are planning on heading to Germany and want a taste of Munich over a weekend you simply cannot go past staying at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost due to its convenience and luxurious finishings.

The Most Convenient Hotel in Munich

We have to start with location, wether you are arriving at the international airport (which we may add also has a train line that will take you right into the central station) or exploring Europe via train, you are literally minutes from the central station (there is no closer hotel!), which means your practically staying at Munich’s most convenient hotel.


A Rich Historical Building

Like most tourists to Europe you are there for one reason only – to see history in person. We came to Munich to see the centuries-old buildings, so when we found out this new hotel was situated inside the renovated 19th century Royal Bavarian Post Office, we knew we were at the right place.

As we briskly walked out of the winter cold and into the hotel lobby we couldn’t help but notice the subtle nods to the rich history of the building. It’s hard to not stop and look at the piles of old post stamps beautifully presented in glass boxes in the entrance.

If you have never stayed at a Sofitel hotel before, you will soon come to realise that their excellent French hospitality (which they are known for) gleams through everything, even when you are staying in German buildings.

An Apartment to Ourselves

A Junior Suite had been organized for our stay and if you check out our first reactions on our daily vlogs you can see the shear size of this hotel room, or should I say apartment. A king sized bed, two TVs, Nespresso machine, free WiFi and a cute rubber ducky awaiting us in the bath was a very sweet touch for this overly luxurious and modern room.

Every night upon return to our room there would be an unspoken agreement between us that we would get into our robes and head straight to the spa room, a feature of the Sofitel in Munich. Before heading into the sauna we would first take a dip in one of the most intricate indoor pools we have seen. The entrance was low enough to encourage swimming underneath it before making your way around what felt like an olympic sized pool weaving under the hotel.


Sofitel Bayerpost Munich

A Breakfast Experience

When you walk down a marbled hallway and greeted by a waiter who makes you feel like he is your own personal butler you can’t help but image what it’s like being a King or Queen.

Being vegetarian travellers we often find breakfast choices at hotels being limited to croissants and yoghurt which can be a bit disheartening in winter when all you want is a hot meal. However, we were welcomed to a spread which included both hot and cold options, our eyes certainly lit up.

Our Experience

As always you can watch our arrival, weekend stay and also what we got up to in Munich through our daily vlogging channel on YouTube.

Book a spacious double room at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost for AUD$849 per night.

Have you stayed in a hotel that was just too convenient & luxurious to not recommend?

Stephen and Jess signoff

Flying The Nest was welcomed as a guest of Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, however as always, our opinions are our own.



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