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If a magical sunset is what you’re after Myanmar is the place to be! I know many of you have probably heard of the spectacular sunrises & sunsets in Bagan, but we want to share with you a maybe not so known place with sunsets just as good – Mandalay.

We spent a week in Mandalay volunteering at a local monastery, waking up every morning at the crack of dawn to grab our coffee and sit on the school roof top to watch the day begin.

When we were not teaching we made it our mission to explore as much of Mandalay as we could and during that time we saw two of the most breathtaking sunsets we have ever seen at Mandalay Hill & U Bein Bridge.

Mandalay Hill

Just outside downtown Mandalay you will find Mandalay Hill which summits 230m above the surrounding plain. It is the natural watch-tower for locals and visitors to watch the sunrise and sunset over the beautiful city below.

When you arrive you will find two gigantic statues of Lions guarding the holy hill, it is here that you start your climb. Just over 1700 steps later you will reach the top where you must donate 1000 kyats to be able to stay and watch the sunset.

U Bein Bridge

South of Mandalay’s city centre you will find U Bein Bridge leading the way to the former Burmese capital city of Amarapura. The bridge stretches 1200m, making it the longest bridge of its kind in the world.ย The bridge was created in the 1850s, using teak wood from pilings from the discarded palace of Amarapura when King Mindon moved the capital to Mandalay.

The bridge is a little on the shaky side, swaying (maybe a little too much) as people walk along it. Most of the bridge has no handrails and some planks seem to be unattached, which we feelย all adds to the experience.

We recommend coming to the bridge during the dry season from February to May, the water level drops dramatically, allowing you walk under the bridge and through crop fields allowing you to get some really epic shots of the bridge. During the west season the water level at times covers the walkway!

Where have you seen an epic sunset during your travels?


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