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Oia is an Instagrammers dream. Each day we would wake up at the crack of dawn, ride our ATV’s along the cliffside to Oia and snap shot after shot until the streets became too crowded – and then we would start all over again the very next morning.

Santorini is everything we dreamt it was (and more). Rugged cliffs rise from the Aegean Sea toward white washed villages perched overlooking a volcanic caldera – what more could you ask for. Santorini is the shining star of the Greek Islands. It’s iconic, strikingly beautiful and one of the most photographic places we have ever travelled to.

Here are some tips for those wanting to go on a little Instagram mission during your visit.

Tip 1. Get there early. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a place as beautiful as Oia is a tourist hotspot. To beat the crowds that flood the tiny streets & alleyways we recommend waking up early. It starts to get busy at around 9am, so make sure you get your shots before than.

Tip 2. Wonder off the beaten track. We found that the most ‘gram worthy shots were away from the main streets. We recommend getting lost through the tiny, marbled streets to find the best shots. For instance, if you are looking for the famous blue dome shot you will need to walk along the main marble streets of Oia back from the castle, look for a ritzy looking jewellery store on the main street. Walk down the small alley towards the water and you’ll see the domes as you look out to your right.

Tip 3. Go to the castle for sunset. As sunset approaches the crowds pour into Oia from all over the island. We grabbed our spot on the iconic castle walls over an hour before sunset and had one of the best seats in the house! So be sure to arrive early if you want to set up for some shots.

Tip 4. There is more to Santorini than Oia. We recommend hiring out some ATV’s and spend a day exploring the rest of the island. There are some amazing old villages like Emporio, or visit the just as popular town, Fira, for some just as epic views of the caldera.

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  • I hope more Blog post like this on this helpful blog. Keep it great, thanks for sharing

  • This is so beautiful. And so much quieter than I was expecting. I was always put off as I thought it would be heaving with tourists.

  • I went to Santorini last summer – it was absolutely beautiful! I wonder if they ever have bad weather because it was picture perfect the whole time we were there.