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After our recent experience ATV riding through the Dubai sand dunes & horseback riding along the beaches of St Maarten we knew when we heard we could do both activities at the same place they filmed Jurassic Park we simply had to do it!

Kualoa Ranch

Our setting for the day was the stunning Kualoa Ranch. A four thousand acre working cattle ranch, which also doubles for a movie and TV show set. They run tours every day on either open-air buses, ATV quad bikes or horse back. The ranch’s Ka’a’awa Valley, nestled between the Ko’olau mountain range and the Kaneohe coast, is in our opinion the most beautiful place in all of Oahu.

Kualoa Ranch

After checking in we headed over to the ATV shed to get ready for our 1 hour ATV ride around the property. We popped on our helmets, chose an ATV and after a quick practice lap we were out driving down a dirt road surrounded by the most incredible scenery we had ever seen … but the sites wouldn’t compare to the one to come.

Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch

We turned a corner and entered the stunning Ka’a’awa Valley, and we almost fell off our ATV’s. The rule was to not photograph and drive – but we may of taken a few cheeky snaps, we simply couldn’t help ourselves.

Kualoa Ranch

Thankfully, we were given a photograph stop. In this area movies such as Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, Pearl Harbour and TV shows like Lost and Hawaii Five-O were filmed. We posed for photos and filmed the amazing site before us.

Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch

We then headed off, driving along and soaking up the beautiful atmosphere passing cows and horses until we got back to the ATV sheds. The hour went way too quickly and it made us wish we went on the 2 hour ATV tour as there was so much more we wanted to see!

Kualoa Ranch

The day wasn’t over, it was now time to jump on a horse and tour the more rugged terrain of the area. We headed to the stable, popped on another helmet and before we knew it we were on our beautiful horse riding off into the wilderness.

Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch

It was a nice change from being on the fast ATV’s zooming past the scenery. We were able to take more in and reflect on the awe-inspiring beauty of the land.

Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch

Again, an hour went way too fast and before we knew it we were back at the stables, saying mahalo to our guides and grabbing some lunch before it was time to go back to reality.

If you ever find yourself in Oahu, we highly recommend spending a day at Kualoa Ranch, especially if you are big movie buffs like we are.

Tour Price: $74 pp for a 1hr ATV Tour & $74 pp for a 1hr Horseback Tour

If you want to see some footage of our day, check out our daily vlog of our day at Kualoa Ranch.

 Have you ever visited a movie site before?

Stephen and Jess signoff

Many thanks to Kualoa Ranch for hosting us during our day. As always, all opinions are our own.


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  • this looks so so cool. the scenery that goes way beyond is just incredible. breath taking xx

    • We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the scenery. When we say it’s the most beautiful part of Oahu – we certainly aren’t exaggerating.

  • Robin Rue

    I would absolutely LOVE that. What a cool experience that must have been. It’s gorgeous there.

    • If you ever come down, we highly recommend you go, such a beautiful place.

  • Krysta

    Really majestic views and great pictures! I live in Costa Rica right now where they say Jurassic Park is supposed to be centered around and with the large jungle life and mountains, I can definitely see a resemblance!

    • Oooh now I want to go to Costa Rica. We can see why they picked here to film, the tree leaves were larger than life and the mountain ranges just tower over you – very prehistoric feel.

  • Saving Common Cents

    What a gorgeous place! Someday I hope my family and I can visit Hawaii! Oahu is absolutely stunning and I can’t imagine enjoying it via 4-wheeler or horseback!

    • There were quite a few families here, if you don’t want to do the ATV or horseback you can go in little adventure busses which take you to the movie sites.

  • brook devis

    oh my God what a beautiful place. i am so much in love. And ofcourse these hourses are so beautiful. In summer it can be a perfect experince to do.

    • The horses were great sports 🙂 mine was called shorty – can’t remember Jess’s horses name though. It’s technically still winter here and still quite hot, I think in summer it would be veeeeery hot.

  • Tanya T. Lara

    What a wonderful landscape! Look at that mountain range! I’ve ridden an ATV in Bohol, Philippines through the hills and forests. It was fun, bumpy and screaming ride, LOL.

    • That sounds very interesting, we have been ATV biking in Dubai which was a desert feel, and then we had this valley feel, but through a forrest sounds like a lot of fun!

      • Tanya T. Lara

        I’ve done the Dune Bashing too in Dubai, but on 4x4s. Yes, ATV through forests is awesome. 🙂

  • Carra D

    Wow, what beautiful scenery. Very active trip you had, looked like you enjoyed it. Would love to go there one day!

    • We always love a good active trip, makes the day so enjoyable. We hope you can make it there someday as well.

  • Though I’m being referred from the Awesome Blog group I’ve recently binge watched your vlogs and read your posts. Beautiful scenery and I can’t wait to read more! Hope to visit the ranch someday!

    • We are glad to hear that you have been coming along for the journey – thank you so much 😀

  • This is awesome! And the landscape is just gorgeous

  • mena & taty

    What a fun and beautiful place to visit! Great photos you shared

  • Oh it would be so hard not to take pictures in such a beautiful place! Yours are phenominal!

    • We had to force ourselves to stop taking photographs so we could enjoy the view!

  • Jeanine

    Wow, how amazing! That would be not only a cool experience but a truly beautiful one! Such great photos too, looks like you had fun!

  • What an amazing and stunning experience! I would absolutely love to take a horseback/ATV trek through Hawaii!

    • If you ever find yourself in Oahu you MUST try it 🙂

  • Geanine Cilenti

    What an awesome adventure! I would love to visit Hawaii, I can’t imagine experiencing all that you have there. Thank you for putting all these adventures on our radar.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Omg how fun!!!! I love taking atv excursions everywhere I travel!!!

  • Lisa @bitesforbabies

    This looks like soooo much fun! I would love to do this!!

  • I like to experience the outdoor lifestyle with such breathtaking views like this. This really feels so fun and refreshing.

    • Yes, whenever we travel we try do as much outdoors as possible 🙂

  • Jennifer Juro

    I wish we had more time to explore the times we have been in Hawaii before!! You found such beautiful scenery.

  • Beth

    This looks so fun! I’ve never been on an ATV before, but I think the best place to ride one would be at Kualoa Ranch!

    • ATV’s are great, not too hard to navigate and you generally don’t go too fast so beginners should be fine!

  • Such a wonderful experience! I would love to travel there so much!

    • If you are ever in Hawaii we highly suggest it 🙂

  • Chrissy Mazzocchi

    This looks like such an amazing place to go! The pictures are gorgeous!

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  • Johnmike

    i think you both have enjoyed a fabulous vacation and the pictures look great and amazing.

  • Love! I’m such a Jurassic Park fan. I loved finding little places in Hawaii where a little piece had been filmed… and then reenacting the scene of course… Great pictures!

  • This looks absolutely beautiful! Had no idea you could go here! Now it’s been added to the list 🙂

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