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During our travels through Phuket, Thailand we went to the Phuket FantaSea Show. If you have not heard of it, just picture a Disneyland – Thai style! Its on 140 acres of land, features a 3,000 seat theatre, a huge 4,000 seat restaurant, a mini zoo, a number of carnival games, and numerous speciality retail outlets.

It’s hard not to set your expectations high, everyone recommends going here and when you arrive there is a large extravagant ticketing office, plenty of space for tour buses and a large koi pond beneath a neon sign ensuring that you and plenty of other travelers know that you have arrived at Phuket FantaSea.


Walking through Thai Disneyland it’s hard not to gape and awe at the amazing architecture of the attractions and outlets. No expense was spared with the Balinese design as you see white tigers and flamingos in sight. As I said it was very hard to not overhype the actual Phuket Fantasea show as the lead up was so grandiose.

We started off the night having a gourmet buffet meal in the largest dining room we had ever seen! They offered several local cuisines and other food for international travellers uninterested in their array of tasty curries.


After filling up on Thai cuisine we went exploring through the carnival games and gorgeous animal exhibits. As you wonder around the park a song seems to follow you where ever you go. Still till this day I have the Phuket Fantasea song stuck in my head!

“Phuket Fantasea, thats where I want to be. Happy dreams come true in Phuket Fantasea. Da da do de dooooo”



 Walking around with full bellies we had plenty of time to see all the attractions before sitting down to watch the elephant rides. Shortly the gates to a giant temple opened and a crowd of at least 2,000 people starting walking into the beautiful and large theatre.

Security informed us that no phones or cameras were allowed inside and would need to be checked in. We couldn’t help but giggle to ourselves as we handed in several iPhones, two Go Pros and a DSLR camera – it would seem that we were about to start a bootleg production of the show.

The Show Was A Let Down – But It Didn’t Ruin Our Night

Unfortunately this is where our praise of Phuket FantaSea ends and we apologise if we have lead you astray. After the grand entrance, the large dining room, all the security and the massive theatre we had high expectations for the show which were sadly not met.


It may of been because we were comparing it to Broadway or even the shows at Disneyworld but the production was very repetitive, uninteresting and a let down. However, it’s hard not to recommend coming here as we had enough enjoyment from architecture and attractions prior to the show to warrant the admission fee.

Have you been to an experience where the lead-up overshadowed the main attraction?

Stephen and Jess signoff

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