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With five towns in Cinque Terre and potentially only a day trip to capture them all we have armed you with all the best photo spots and postcard shots to ensure your time is used wisely, rather than running around trying to find them.

If you are wanting a post on where to go, what to do and how to traverse Cinque Terre – head to our Cinque Terre guide post, then head back here for all your photo tips.

This post will be covering the main postcard shots that truly represent Cinque Terre. We also recommend just walking through each village and taking in all the colours, paint stripped buildings and food, don’t let getting the perfect shot stop you from taking a moment to soak up this magical place.

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  • The golden shot of Vernazza is blocked by a Cinque Terre checkpoint so unless you are lucky, there will be someone waiting to check on your Cinque Terre Card prior to letting you go on the hiking trail. One can be purchased for € 7,50 at all train stations in Cinque Terre.
  • This was our first coastal town we visited and was also the hardest postcard shot to find. You will find it on the Monterosso-Vernazza hiking trail (look for the white and red marked paths).
  • The ideal photo spot is about a 15 minute walk and can be quite strenuous due to the uphill climb. Just before you curve along the coast you will see the photo spot – it will be as clear as day and absolutely breathtaking.



  • The golden shot for Riomaggiore is for the adventurous type and a photo spot you decide to attempt at your own risk. Upon heading down towards the boats on the coast you need to walk across the rocks outcropping away from the town.
  • For those who are less adventurous the steps on the left (facing outwards) will still allow you to have a memorable photo spot.
  • We recommend heading down here just after sundown (blue hour) to get the beatiful reds and yellows contrasting against the blue sky.



  • When it comes to postcard shots, Manarola has you covered. This is more than likely the photo that you saw which convinced you to come down to Cinque Terre – this shot represents the entire region.
  • Note, if the hiking trails are closed you will not get this photo due to frequent landslides in the area.
  • This is also one of the easier photo spots to get to, head down to the marina and walk around the hill opposite the town, walk up the steps and you should have a clear view. If all else fails follow where everyone is heading. You can also get a photo without walking up the steps, try both and see which you prefer.


Quick Tips For Photographing Cinque Terre

  • If you are visiting for a day trip you won’t get more than 3 cities checked off whilst also having time to enjoy yourself.
  • As with most travel photography we recommend you do the majority of your photoshoots during golden hour, but having 5 towns this isn’t going to be feasible. Start at Vernazza during the day, Manarola for golden hour (sunset) and Riomagiorre for blue hour (after sundown).
  • Bring a tripod/gorilla pod especially during blue hour but if you can’t travel with a tripod don’t stress, we didn’t have one.
  • We photographed everything on our Canon 24-105mm lens due to flexibility. The location spots recommended above will allow you to get everything in frame without having a wide angle lens.
  • With train delays and distance between towns don’t think you can get everywhere quickly. Budget your time accordingly.


If you have any photography tips please leave them in the comment section below?

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