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So you have South America, well more specifically Peru very high on your bucket list? You know that the hike on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a must do, but what else is there once you’re done? With recommendations from friends and inspiration from YouTube/Instagram we have compiled our Peru bucket list to inspire your next trip.

Psst!: There may be a giveaway to win a trip to Peru at the end of this post…keep reading to find out more.

Hike the Inca Trail

Okay so before we go any further, this isn’t going to be one of those bucket lists that try and show you things to do besides seeing the holy grail of attractions in Peru. No! We all know whyyoue want to fly to Peru and that is to do the hike from Cusco and end up at Machu Picchu to get that iconic shot.

There’s a reason why the hike to these great ruins is at the top of our South American bucket list.


Explore Cusco

The Inca’s claimed that Cusco is be the center of the world and for that very reason my interest to seeing this spot for myself peaked. Once you have explored the city, bought some trinkets from the locals and yes gotten over your altitude sickness – the hike begins.

On the way to Machu Picchu is a stop at the Ollantaytambo ruins which lays in Sacred Valley alongside the Patacancha River. Though some may say it’s not as breathtaking as the lost city of the Inca’s, think of it as an appetizer that takes place along the 4 day hike.



See the Amazon Rain Forest

No this isn’t where all your Amazon delivery’s come from, it’s the largest rain forest in the world and is so abundant with natural life, my inner animal lover is getting way too excited just picturing what I will see. I also kinda want to see an anaconda but do I really want to see one when I am cruising down the Amazon river in a small boat? Might have to rethink that bucket list item.

Lets be more realistic, I want to cruise down the Amazon River, see some toucans, otters and monkeys (minus any Anaconda’s)!



Play with a Llama and name him Cusco

I need to re-live all my Emperors New Groove fantasies, find a llama and call him Cusco. If we find him early on the in the day maybe we can spend the afternoon looking for Cronk?



Sand Board in Huacachina

Sand boarding? Near Peru? Yep I was shocked too when a friend who returned from her trip told me sand boarding was one of her highlights. Whenever I picture Peru I think luscious green rain forests, not sand dunes.

Well if you head to Haucachina, a village practically in the middle of the desert you will be able to have a sand board experience in this spectacular oasis.


See the Uros Floating Islands

The Uros people have taken residence in over 40 handcrafted floating islands known as the Islas Uros. The village is put together with layers upon layers of totora plant that forever need to be refilled as the bottom layers start to rot.

The infrastructure in itself has me intrigued, but the photos have me sold.



Fly over the Nazca Lines

Some say the Nazca Lines are messages left over from ancient aliens, others say they are from the Nazca people who designed these intricate lines thousands of years ago. I think I want to find out for myself in person and what better way than seeing this geometric shapes from the sky.



Now, time for the giveaway!

Win a trip to Peru with G Adventures and 3 of your friends

So now that you have your bucket list, why not live it? The amazing team at G Adventures are giving away 3 trips to Peru with each prize pack including flights and an 8 day Inca discovery tour for you and 3 of your closest friends. That’s right, save this bucket list for later, go and enter the competition and start picking who you want to get that iconic photograph at Machu Picchu with.

With G Adventures you are having much more than a holiday, you are joining a group of like minded travellers who not only want to see this world but also want to do the world some good and make an economic and social change around the world. With tours all around the world, the hardest part will be picking which one to go on.

Good luck!!

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Thanks to G Adventures for supporting Flying the Nest. As always, all opinions are our own. This competition is in no way associated with Flying the Nest. The competition is administered and run with winners chosen by G Adventures.

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