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During our Eastern Caribbean cruise we visited the stunning island of St Thomas. Once our cruise ship docked we decided to spend our morning parasailing before heading out to explore the island.

We were greeted at the jetty by a friendly fellow Aussie who had moved to St Thomas to live and work as a parasail guide. On the way to the speed boat we pounded him with questions about his lifestyle on St Thomas. We were super jealous after hearing that he spent his mornings out on the water, afternoons relaxing on the beach, eating tropical fruits and local cuisine and going out at night with the partying locals.

Once we were out on the open waters we were both strapped to a harness and before we knew it the wind was pulling us up into the air as the speed boat zipped through the water.

Parasailing in St Thomas Photo

Parasailing in St Thomas Photo

After spending 8 minutes in the air and letting the view sink in, the speed boat began to slow down so we could have a cheeky dip in the water.

Parasailing in St Thomas Photo

It was such an amazing experience being able to see St Thomas while sailing through the air.

Parasailing in St Thomas Photo

As we were travelling the Caribbean by cruise ship we booked our parasail tour with the ships shore excursions.

Price: AU$98.60 with Carnival shore excursions

We had a little google and there are many more parasail tours available in St Thomas if you aren’t travelling The Caribbean by Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

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