Dear Diary


As we enter the last week of 2014 and sit with our laptops on our laps waiting patiently for Santa Clause to come down our chimneys we decided to put together a list of our favourites from 2014 including travel related stuff, movie related stuff and just general stuff.

So here’s Flying the Nest’s favourites for the year of 2014.

Favourite Hotel

Adaaran Club Rannalhi

It took a lot of saving up and many, many hours of hard work to finally afford staying in this once in a lifetime overwater bungalow in the beautiful tropical islands of The Maldives. It will be hard to beat waking up to the sounds of small waves crashing beneath us and being able to literally jump out of bed into the water.

Waterbungalows Maldives

Favourite City


Dubai has so many different unique experiences mashed together with a futuristic city and an interesting culture to back it up with. The diversity that makes up Dubai easily skyrocketed it to our favourite city this year. You can skydive above the Palm islands, snowboard at the shopping centre and even ride camels in the hot desert in just one day.

The view from the top

Favourite Country


When a country warrants a second visit less than one year after visiting it, you know you have been somewhere great. The architecture, design and general intrigue of Singapore kept us very interested during our 3 short days spent here.


Favourite View

On top of Mount Batur, Bali

After trekking up this active volcano during the early hours of the morning it made it all worthwhile to watch the sunrise over the beautiful valley beneath us.

Mount Batur Bali Region

Favourite Experience

Skydiving in Dubai

After working our way up to deciding to jump out of a plane we finally did it on the very last day of our trip. The sheer accomplishment of skydiving combined with the view of the Palm islands will make this our favourite experience for years to come.


Favourite Beach

The Maldives

On our little island in the Maldives we still managed to see crabs running through the sand with only the moon to light them up, bats taking nest in the trees, exotic fish swimming around but most importantly baby turtles being rehabilitated.


Favourite Pool

Infinity Pool at The Marina Bay Sands

The most memorable pool we dived into in 2014 would definitely be the infinity pool at The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The view was even more breathtaking than what we had seen in pictures online. The pool goes to the very edge of the rooftop, you literally feel like you are swimming towards the skyline.

A picture of the infinity pool at the marina bay sands in singapore

Favourite Photograph

With just about zero planning besides whipping my camera out of my backpack and quickly snapping a shot after a religious Balinese man agreed to let us take his photograph. I managed to take one shot before he moved position and this was it.


Favourite Bed

Kamandalu Resort & Spa in Ubud, Bali

When you arrive to two double beds mashed together it was one big struggle to not stay in bed all day long enjoying this humungous bed.

Kamandalu's bed

Favourite Airport

Changi Airport, Singapore

With beautiful sculptures, gardens, a butterfly farm, movie theatre and more you can’t help but want your flight to be delayed just a little longer so you can spend just a few more minutes exploring this airport.

Favourite Podcast

Earbiscuits – Rhett & Link

Favourite Travel Blogger

World of Wanderlust

Favourite YouTuber


Favourite Instagrammer

Stephen: muradosmann

Jess: sjanaelise

Favourite Movie

Guardians of the Galaxy

Favourite Music Album

Stephen: David Guetta – Listen

Jess: Taylor Swift – 1989

Favourite Blog Post On Flying the Nest

Stephen: Why we haven’t travelled Europe yet

Jess: Travelling as a couple

What were your favourites in 2014?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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