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Bungee jumping is one of the most extreme sports ever invented, an adrenaline rush like no other, and of course we had to try it. During our weekend away in Whistler with Discover Canada Tours we were given the opportunity to bungee. Here is our own personal experiences.

Whistler Bungee

Whistler Bungee

Jess’s Bungee Experience

We have previously been paragliding, parasailing and sky diving all in preparation for this moment, but I need to tell you know – nothing will prepare you for this moment. Bungee jumping is one the most scariest things I have ever experienced. Standing on that platform, I was weak at the knees looking at the rapids below.

Whistler Bungee

With tears in my eyes I watched as Stephen bravely went first, making it look like a piece of cake (I knew deep down he was just as scared as I was), but Stephen doesn’t let fear get the better of him and he jumped off the bridge with ease.

I was so close to giving into my fear and not jumping, however the amazing staff at Whistler Bungee talked me through it, got me to the edge and before I knew it I was off the bridge and falling.

Whistler Bungee

Whistler Bungee

Stephen’s Bungee Experience

I enjoy thrill seeking adventures. The idea of putting yourself into a situation in which you feel uncomfortable (but still safe) is a strange but exciting thing. I don’t know why, but I enjoy it. Saying that – the 5 seconds (which felt like several minutes as time slowed down) while I was on the plank, I will admit gave me second doubts about falling head first into a river.

As Jess mentioned above, we had previously jumped out of a plane in Dubai. Up until that date I hadn’t really done anything over the top that could be defined as thrilling so the week leading up to it I was very nervous. However, when it came to the bungee jump the only time I did think about it was when I had to walk the plank.

Bungee Whistler

Saying all this – I loved the bungee jump. There was a different feeling, I had the control over my fate, I had to jump solo, not with any instructor. I would say that this activity is way more scarier than sky diving but a little more satisfying. I highly recommend it!

Whistler Bungee

Whistler Bungee

If you have the guts, Whistler Bungee is an incredible place to experience your first jump. It gives thrill seekers an unforgettable experience by jumping 160ft (50 meters) over the glacial fed Cheakamus River. Open since 2002, Whistler Bungee has a perfect safety record and its’ operators have been in the bungee jumping industry for over 20 years! Whether you jump on your own, tandem, or in a wheelchair, Whistler Bungee will give you an unforgettable experience for adrenaline seekers of all ages.

The price for a first time jumper is $130 which includes transport from their Whistler office located in The Village and a free t-shirt.

Want to see our bungee jump in action?

Are you brave enough to take the plunge?

Stephen and Jess signoff

Thanks to Discover Canada Tours & Whistler Bungee for hosting our jump. As always, all opinions are our own.


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