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You may have noticed by now that we are big lovers of glamping – especially glamping in Africa. After experiencing the best sunrises at Ndaka Safari Lodge and the best breakfast at Cheetah Ridge Lodge, it’s time to share with you our best safari experience at Springbok Lodge, South Africa.


If you are looking for the perfect safari experience I think we have found it. With stunning tented suites, top-notch service, the tastiest food and incredible wildlife – Springbok Lodge ensures an unforgettable experience.

Nestled in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal on an expansive game reserve, Springbok Lodge is the perfect place to unwind in a picture perfect setting. Being a 4.5 hour drive from Johannesburg and 3.5 hours from the coastal city of Durban, it was the ideal spot for us to stop on our East Coast African road trip.

Checking into Springbok Lodge: A Luxury Glamping Experience

These tents are an experience in themselves, being perched up on stilts to allow optimal viewing of the wildlife beyond. If you can make it past the giant kings sized bed and into the back you are welcomed with a rustic outdoor shower made of stones and rocks. Even though you are glamping the designers made sure you still feel like you are out in the wild, which we thought was a nice touch. 

This is why you have decided to go glamping, if the tents are a let down the whole experience can be dampened. You don’t have to worry here, our only mention is that the there is no separation between bathroom and bedroom – just make sure you are travelling with someone you are comfortable with… in all aspects.



An Incredible Game Drive

If we were told prior to arriving at Springbok Lodge that we would not only see a herd of elephants, but also be charged by a highly endangered black rhino I wouldn’t of believed you! Both of these events amazingly happened to us, alongside spending an evening drive tracking a wild hyena. The game drives we experienced here were hands down the best drives of our entire time in South Africa!

They have the big 5 on the reserve so expect to see lions and buffalo on top of the above mentioned animals, you may even be lucky enough to find a leopard kill (yep,we did). Unfortunately out of all the big 5 we still never saw a leopard itself. This is nothing to fault on the lodge, we went on 9 game drives in Africa and didn’t see one, they’re just too good at hide and seek.



Final Thoughts…

This being our third experience at the Nambiti Game Reserve we cannot fault the tents, service and especially the wildlife you will encounter. Since returning home we have been recommending every traveller planning a trip to beautiful South Africa to have their game reserve experience here.

If you want to view our experience click play on our YouTuber African Road Trip playlist here.

You can book a Luxury Safari Tent for AUD$283 per night twin share. 

Stephen and Jess signoff
Flying The Nest was welcomed as a guest of Springbok Lodge and Nambiti Private Game Reserve, however all opinions are our own.


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