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No electricity. No running water. No roads. No telephones. No worries. Mystery Island is the perfect escape to paradise.

Welcome to Mystery Island Sign

Refusing to give in to the pressures of a modern, commercial world, Mystery Island is like no place we have ever been. The uninhabited island is a mere drop in the ocean, protected by a sheltering Intao reef and cared for by the friendly neighbouring villagers of Aneityum Island. It spans just 1.5 kilometres and is among the very few completely untouched paradises.

Mystery Island

But don’t worry. They do have bathroom facilities …

toilet at mystery island, vanuatu

On arrival we laid our feet into the soft white sand as hermit crabs darted around our toes. We were greeted by local bands playing songs of welcome and women selling shells, local jewellery and sarongs. We first made our way along a little sand track that took us under lush greenery and palm trees. We could see out into the crystal blue waters that were in the perfect conditions for snorkelling. It only took us 45 minutes to walk right around the island.

Pathways Mystery Island

Markets Mystery Island

Something that stuck out to us was a landing strip smack-bang in the middle of the island. It was built by the Americans during WIIΒ and today still has 2 flights a week to the provincial capital of Tanna Island.

Mystery Island Airport

We suggest if visiting the island that you complete the 3 S‘s – swim, snorkel and sunbath. You can also drink from coconuts, get your hair braided and even try lobster cooked on the island by the locals.

Coconuts on Mystery Island


We suggest if you are ever near the south of Vanuatu, either by cruise or flight, you make your way to Mystery Island to spend a day in serenity.

Have you ever been to an uninhabited island?

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  • This makes me want to pack my bags! What a wonderful place.

    • It was such a cool experience, first time being on such an isolated island – without even electricity!

  • This island looks gorgeous!

  • What a neat vacation! I may have to book a trip after I finish reading Robinson Crusoe.

  • This looks fantastic! I’ve been to a few uninhabited islands, though nothing to really get excited about. The 3 Ss seems like perfect advice for any destination like this!

    • Certainly is, it is always great to see uninhabited islands as you start to get a true essence of the place. Though not full uninhabited the locals do have little buildings that they use to sell clothing and trinkets as seen in some of the shots in the post.

  • this looks like something my boyfriend would love! His dream is to live somewhere without any sort of civilization, looks like this could come pretty close!

    • It certainly is, not sure if you can live on the island but the locals have set up little building to take residence in when the cruise ships come past.

  • very nice place to visit

  • Geeky Explorer ✈

    I LOVE THIS! I have never heard of this before (I’m guessing that’s why it is a mystery island) but has been added to my bucket list!

    • We hadn’t heard of it either until we set sail across the pacific!

  • Anna Tillmann

    Bathroom facilities, ha! Love that! How many people did you meet on the island? Is it a tourist highlight or is it really the lonely island it seems to be?

    • Well we went there via cruise ship, so of course on the day we were there it was unfortunately swarmed with tourists from the ship. But, there was about 30-40 locals scattered around the island, either climbing up trees to get coconuts or children playing and singing, ladies braiding hair. But, on days the cruise ships aren’t there I can imagine it truly being a lonely island.


  • nice <3

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  • Nice nice <3