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At the top of many travellers African bucket lists is to have a luxury African safari holiday, but the question is where do you go? Do you head to the safe but sure bet of South Africa or take the road less travelled in Malawi or Rwanda?

Alongside our personal recommendations we have also scoured the net (and plenty of Pinterest wanderlust boards) to find some of Africa’s most luxurious hotels and safari’s to inspire you to get out there and book your trip to one of the most beautiful and natural continents in the world.

South Africa

Nambiti Game Reserve is your ultimate safari escape in South Africa. Here you will find the big 5 at a close location to Johannesburg with 10 luxury lodges to choose from. During our time in South Africa we experienced some the best game drives to date, on both night and day drives.

We personally experienced 3 of the glamping (glamorous camping) set ups at Nambiti, you can check out our full review, thoughts and videos below: simple take your pick.

You can’t go to SA and not add Cape Town to your itinerary. When returning to Johannesburg why not add the Blue Train  to your itinerary and take one of the most luxurious (and relaxing) train rides in the world.

Cheetah Ridge Lodge


Many head to Zimbabwe to see the famous Victoria Falls, however how can you not take the chance to have a luxurious safari in this beautiful country. This is where the Matetsi Private Game Reserve comes in, located just 40 km above the falls here you will spend your nights in some of Africa’s most pristine habitats.

Sanctuary Chief's Camp - Dining Area (2)



We would be shocked if you have never heard specifically about or at least seen a picture of Giraffe Manor. This is honestly at the top of our Kenyan (even African) luxury bucket list due to the unique set up of this boutique hotel.

Picture this, you are sitting down to have your breakfast and through the open window a giraffe’s neck extends out to join you. This is just one of the many cherries on top of your stay in these elegantly designed luxury suites.




I can still picture my family childhood cruise to the coast of Zanzibar and Mozambique and I have been finding any reason to return… I think I may have found it. When you picture Africa you picture the Serengeti, with wide plains and wild animals roaming.

If you are heading to the Serengeti you need to head into the wilderness and this is where a semi-permanent luxury safari tent canvas comes in. At Ruaha National Park you are provided your own butler, silverware and did anyone say camping? Nope this is glamping at its finest.

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Located on the grand Zambezi River, you will find the private Royal Zambezi Lodge. Your lodge is designed with nature and comfort in mind to ensure you have the most natural and relaxing getaway. Alongside a predator search on safari you can also opt in to go on a quiet canoe safari through the river as you slowly drift downstream.




You head to Rwanda to witness the might and power of the gorillas. The mountainous and luscious landscape is quite the change from the barren wastelands of the Serengeti, so if you are after a unique African trip, you will find it here.

The lodges at Virunga Lodge are perched high above to offer incredible views of the Virunga Volcanoe with safaris involving tracking the highly endangered Gorillas.




Better known as the Lake of Stars, this very small African country will have your luxury safari experience centre around Lake Malawi. This remarkable country will once again offer a unique African trip with beach glamping being a perfectly suitable option. If you make your way to the Southern end of Lake Malawi you will find Pumulani Luxury Beach Lodge with villas having grass roofs – what a place.

Pumalani 219EAug 12


Just the start

Without even mention the Republic of Congo, Borwsana or even Namibia, there are so many countries worth exploring in Africa!

So the question is, when are you booking your trip to Africa?

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