Dear Diary


This is a personal post that may or may not resonate with photographers and travellers.

During our time in Suva, Fiji we were unfortunately riddled with terrible weather. We were also crammed into a bus – so on top of finally finding a window – upon opening it – I realised that the water was spraying into the occupant behind me – window shut.

I was unable to photograph the city on our scenic drive and this instantly put me into a bad mood. Being a photographer a lot of satisfaction on my holidays includes capturing the locals, buildings and activities we do.

We finally arrived at the stop of our tour which included a local village. I was informed that my camera would have to be put away, which is perfectly fine as I respect the local traditions and not everyone wants a camera put in their face.

This is the lone photograph I took.

Waterfall Fiji

Wether it was the gloomy day and the lack of photographs – I left Suva upset and not happy and it was for such a petty reason. That night I started to re-evaluate the reasons on why I like to travel, this was probably the only time I would visit Fiji (for the next decade at least) and I failed to enjoy my day just because I couldn’t capture a single worthy shot.

Was it the lacking of being able to share it with friends? Was it there pressure to capture shots for Flying the Nest?

I realised my mistake and during our next stop in Lautoka Fiji I decided to put down the camera and take less photographs. I of course had to take some (otherwise we wouldn’t have a photo diary of Fiji) or photos for the blog.

I realised that I still enjoyed my day away from being behind the lens.

Do you ever have photographers remorse?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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  • Mike Devitt

    Always. A blog doesn’t feel complete without the snaps. I try to take as many as possible but like so many places in the world they just serve as thumbnail reminders: the view you see can never be beaten! Love your travel blog BTW!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Mike πŸ™‚ We always complain about photographs not looking the same as in real life (even with high end camera gear). But you are right, pictures are reminders – great ways to rejig memories.

  • Glad to hear that you can relate. It can be a little bit tricky when you run a blog – so there is almost an obligation to take photographs to add to posts. However, sometimes you need to just take your shots and step back and enjoy it – not snapping a place from every angle.

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