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Coming from Australia we are both big lovers of all things water. We are active snorkelers, divers, stand-up paddle boarders, and now even submarine-goers! Yet, there is one thing we have yet to accomplish … surfing – and what a better place to learn than on the waves of Oahu, Hawaii.

Hawaii Surf

We knew once stepping foot on the sands of Hawaii it was time we caught our first wave. We teamed up with Hans Hedemann Surf School who claimed they would have us standing up and riding a wave in less then two hours. We were both skeptical, but on our FIRST wave …

Hawaii Surf


By the end of the lesson we had caught more waves than we wiped out on – can we pretty much say we are now pros?



Well … we may need a little more practice.

Our instructors took us out on baby waves at Waikiki Beach, and lucky for us we were the only surfers out there at the time. By the end of the two hours we had gained a solid understanding of stance and balance, though we still need to learn how to determine which which waves to catch and which to let pass.

Hawaii Surf

Hawaii Surf

The surf school was named after a Hawaiian local, Hans Hedemann. He had a natural talent for surfing and represented Hawaii for a surfing World Tour, winning multi awards. In 1995, the Hans Hedemann Surf School was launched. The instructors we had were pro surfers and their love for the sport came through.

Hawaii Surf

Hawaii Surf

Hans Hedemann’s group lessons are two hours long and include all the equipment you will need such as rash guard, reef shoes, and of course your surfboard. We had about a 20 minute land lesson before we jumped in the water. We felt it was a fantastic lesson for first time surfers like ourselves, having only 4 students per instructor.

Hawaii Surf

Hawaii Surf

Group lessons run for $75 and for an additional $30, you can purchase a CD full of professional photographs taken during your lesson. The photographer will be there either way, so no pressure to decide up front.

Hawaii Surf

Wanna check out some footage of our time out in the water? Check out our daily vlog of the days events.

Have you surfed before? Where did you catch your first wave or where would you like to catch your first wave?

Stephen and Jess signoff

Many thanks to Hans Hedemann Surf School for hosting us during our lesson. As always, all opinions are our own.


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  • I totally agree, I think we are looking for the next spot to surf now!

  • so cool!! i’ve always wanted to learn.. and they tell me that if you want to learn to surf.. hawaii is the place to do it 🙂

  • I’ve always wanted to learn to surf! Last summer when I was in FL I almost took lessons but backed out at the last minute! I don’t want to be an expert, I just want to be able to stand up for more than 2 minutes lol <3

    • If you ever find your self in a scenario again where you can try surfing, give it a go 🙂

  • Michele

    I love the water but have never tried surfing. I really don’t have very good balance so it is probably a good thing I am a strong swimmer. I have a feeling I would be swimming a lot more then surfing!!

    • I didn’t think I had good balance until I tried it .. and rode the first wave I attempted! You have to give it ago!

  • Robin Rue

    That sounds like quite the adventure. I have always wanted to visit Hawaii and would love to get there one of these days.

    • If you do head over to Hawaii, we recommend you check out the island of Oahu … its beautiful

  • Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspot

    Looks like the lessons where quite successful! The pictures are so cool — I bet they are full of memories for you. The price seems reasonable too.

    • Was a fantastic way to have our first ever lesson Penny 🙂

  • Saving Common Cents

    This looks like an amazing time! I’d love to try surfing someday especially in Hawaii! My husband on the other hand, not so much. He has an irrational fear of things that go bump in the water…like sharks! lol

    • haha well tell him we have swam with sharks many times and have both lived to tell the tale 😛

      • Saving Common Cents

        I will tell him…I’m working on convincing him that the odds are pretty good he won’t get eaten. 🙂

  • I’ve never been surfing myself, but I love watching others do so at the beach- especially the newbies! The fact that you guys were standing up after only a 2 hour lesson is incredible! That surf school surely knows what they’re doing 🙂

  • jenlastinger

    I love watching people surf but have never tried it myself. Hawaii is so beautiful and it looks like you guys are having a blast! Love reading about all of your adventures!

  • LOOK at the smile on both your faces, learning how to freakin surf… in Hawaii. Super awesome you guys.

  • Ourfamilyworld

    Wow, I would love to learn how to surf. It is on my bucket list when kids are no longer babies

  • I would love to try surfing someday! If I ever go to Hawaii, that will definitely be one of my must-dos!

  • wow! all the pictures look so cool! I can’t even swim well! Love the blue sky and the waves. So pretty.

    • They are quite the good photographers aren’t they 🙂 made us look better than we actually were haha.

  • Sharon Ulery Ruggieri

    So, are ya pros now? LOL…I’m not a surfer, but half of my family is and I love watching them

    • Haha far from pros 😛 we probably will get up surfing somewhere else and wipeout again!

  • Sam

    Great pictures! What a fun adventure! The ocean looks lovely. You must have had an amazing time!

    • It certainly was 🙂 have you been surfing before?

  • Those photos are great. I love the one of the board sticking straight out of the water and all you can see are legs!! Haha. I learned how to surf when I was living in Hawaii, too. But I never got very good at it! And I only surfed VERY calm waves. 🙂

    • Haha yeah we couldn’t stop laughing when we saw it…they gave us a disk of the whole days photographs and I had to stop to double check if it was me or not…and it was!

  • Jennifer Juro

    Umm so jealous!!! We were supposed to try this out when we were in Maui in April and I got the flu on our free day!!! Looks like so much fun!!!

    • Oh no 🙁 hopefully you can get around to learning at another place!

  • Angela Christoper

    Haha looks so fun in surfing, in my whole life, I’ve never try it.

  • I wish I could learn more about surfing – it would be so thrilling and exciting all at the same time!

  • Best life ever! You guys are inspiring and I do watch your YT videos!

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