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A visit to Japan would not be complete without a few days in Kyoto. This beautiful city was at the top of our list during our Japan trip with Geckos Adventures and it did not disappoint! We had 2 days to see and taste as much as we could – here is everything we got up to.

Day 1: Shrines & Forests

Fushimi Inari Shrine

This magical, seemingly unending path of over 5000 bright orange torii gates is one of the most stunning shrines we have ever seen. The gates wind through the hills, making for a beautiful hike. The shrine is dedicated to the god of rice and sake back in the 8th century.

We ended up visiting Fushimi twice, once with the group and the second time we woke up for sunrise to get some shots without anyone else around (would highly recommend the early wake up call)!

Bamboo Forest

This was the most lush bamboo forest we had ever seen. Walking into this bamboo grove was like entering another world, surrounded by thick green bamboo stalks that come from every direction with beautiful light shining through where ever it could.

Unfortunately when we got there it began to pour down with rain. Photos just don’t do this place justice – to feel the magic you will need to experience this forest in person (and hopefully on a more sunny day)!

Day 2: Food, food & more food

The Introvert Restaurant

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience than you need to have a meal at Ichiran Ramen Restaurant, or what we like to call it “The Introvert Restaurant”. Imagine going out to eat where you never have to speak to a person, let alone look at a person!

This was one of those experiences best explained in video. Check out our vlog below and let your inner introvert enjoy!

Nichiki Market

Nicknamed “Kyoto’s Kitchen”, Nishiki Market is a long and narrow shopping street with hundreds of food shops and restaurants lining either side. It’s only a 5 minute walk from Shijo subway station, and is a Japanese food lovers dream. We tried all sorts of food while we were here, including dangos (the white, pink & green balls on a stick emoji) and matcha ice cream … sooooo delicious!


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Thanks to Geckos Adventure for allowing us to be apart of your ambassador program for 2017!

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